London 2012 Olympics: Yohan Blake gets ready to challenge Usain Bolt for the coveted 100 metres title at London 2012

Posted by Dresonic on February 14, 2012

Baseball cap back to front, flip flops kicked off and bare feet swung casually over the seat in front, the lad and his mates in the Courtney Walsh End stand occasionally boom out support to the Jamaican batsmen being bombarded by the Barbados pacemen.

Yohan Blake gets ready to challenge Usain Bolt for the coveted 100 metres title at London 2012

Power and passion: Yohan Blake brings dedication to his training Photo: REUTERS

“It’s important that they know we’re behind them, man. Gotta show them love . . .” he drawls.

Yohan Blake looks so youthfully chilled and comfy at Sabina Park, he could easily pass as one of the boys going around the ground flogging water to the diehard fans.

Except this is the world’s youngest 100 metres champion, the national hero who would be Jamaica’s Olympic king, the phenomenon some believe will be the one to beat his unbeatable mate and training partner Usain Bolt in the marquee duel of the entire 2012 Games.

It is almost impossible to square the vision of this charming, invisible local with that of the intense, muscular colossus who, the following day, strips off for action in his day job amid the shrill cheers of a few thousand at a high school meet in Jamaica’s National Stadium for his first race of the year.

That is a miraculous transformation when his young pal becomes, in the words of Bolt, ‘The Beast’.

At the cricket, though, The Beast is a pussy cat who no-one bothers. He comes along with a couple of old schoolmates and joins a few regulars who just gleefully take the mickey out of the “big man” when they see our photographer taking a picture.

“Things have changed since I became champion; everyone wants a piece of me now. This is where I chill out. Here, people let me be,” he says, gazing across one of the sport’s great cathedrals. “Cricket’s my first love. Any time it’s on, you find me here before trainin’. As a boy, I’d rather have played for the West Indies than go to the Olympics. It was my dream.

“When I was starting out at 12, I didn’t go to school a lot so I was puttin’ up a stick in the yard and bowlin’ at it.” And some old habits are hard to break.

"Remarkably, it can now be revealed, the world champion is still bowling like the wind in competitive cricket every Sunday for Kingston CC.

If it had not been for yesterday’s Twenty20 match being cancelled, Blake would have been pounding in for his weekly four-over spell, less than 24 hours after opening his Olympic campaign with a new lifetime best for 400 metres – 46.49sec – in the Camperdown Classic meeting.

He couldn’t have looked any happier with his run than when he recorded his season’s Twenty20 “pb” the other week.

“I took four for 10!” he says proudly. It seems a wonder that his coach Glen Mills would allow him to indulge this cricketing passion but, apparently, the only thing he draws the line at is that Blake doesn’t go motorbiking on Kingston’s pot-holed roads.

Blake was runner-up in Saturday’s race behind world championship relay medallist Allodin Fothergill but still ecstatic to knock 0.31sec off his one-lap best. He looked ominously sharp over the first 200m, starting effectively where he left off last summer when he followed up his world championship triumph with a quite astonishing 19.26sec 200m in Brussels, the second fastest half-lap in history.

“I’m much, much stronger this year and faster,” he beamed, suggesting he is fine fettle to take on Bolt in the races, over maybe both 100m and 200m, which will bring the island to a fevered standstill this August.

Blake, who benefited from Bolt’s extraordinary disqualification for false starting in the world championships, at Daegu, is far too respectful to make inflammatory predictions for 2012, even if you can find many here convinced it could be the 22-year-old’s time.

“It’s going to be down to the person on that day,” he shrugs. “If Usain wins, I’m happy; if I win, he’s happy. If a Jamaican wins, Jamaica’s happy, we all are. It’s a bit of a good drama yes, one of the best sport has ever seen.”

But if he’s coy about who’s the fastest runner, he is not so shy when quizzed on who’s the quicker bowler. Bolt counts Chris Gayle among his victims but Blake laughs: “Usain thinks he’s much better than me but even though he gets more bounce and pace because he really tall, I’m better! I’m pretty quick, fast through the air!” Blake’s Jamaican manager Timothy Spencer swears only Fidel Edwards is nippier in the entire Caribbean!

Actually, cricket made Blake. He tells of when his school principal O’Neil Ankle saw him bowling, could not believe his speedy run-up and suggested track could be his forte. He passed him on to St Jago, the high school which produced countless athletics champions and where Blake became the fastest 100m teenager the island had seen.

For the young boy, the sixth of seven brothers and sisters from a desperately impoverished background in Bogue Hill near Montego Bay, this was the escape he dreamed of.

“l wanted a better life to help my family. I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth; it was a really tough life. So many times, we had no money to even get to school. I’d have to find empty beer bottles to sell and spent hours carrying water on my head because we had no water at home. It gave me strength which helps me today.”

His background inspired Blake to set up the YB Afraid Foundation, designed to help fund a new life to underprivileged kids. When he distributes gifts at the Mount Olivet boys’ home the Foundation has adopted, he can see a touch of himself reflected in these youngsters.

“It is important to me. I want to help these kids because if you follow them around Jamaica and see the reality, it makes you want to cry because it’s really, really hard for them,” he says with considerable emotion. “I feel I’m a role model and encouragement for all of them. I say when I go to talk to the kids ‘look at me, I’m only young but I did it you can too’.”

Blake seems a deeply impressive character. Those around him are fiercely defensive of his reputation despite the three-month doping ban he served following a failed test in 2009. They insist that a stimulant, ingested innocently in a nutritional supplement, was not even on the banned list. He deserves no stigma, the Jamaica AAA President, Dr Warren Blake, told me here.

There is little of Bolt’s showman exuberance in Blake; he seems quieter, more studious. Where Usain still likes his increasingly infrequent nights out clubbing, Blake reckons he “not a party man but more of a family man, easy going with my friends, playing dominoes. And, trust me, Usain is a genius at dominoes ”

The pair train side by side daily at the University of West Indies track here under the fatherly eye of coach Mills. To outsiders, it seems extraordinary for the world’s two best sprinters to be so cosy; to Blake, it could not feel more natural.

“People outside think ‘how can they be friends?’ but we are, we have fun and a wonderful chemistry. Usain’s a unique character, the greatest talent the world has seen, and he helps and encourages me. But training together is good for both of us. When we line up, it is business but apart from that, it is friendship. For me, it is not a rivalry — and I don’t think it is for him too. It’s just good competition. Nice and excitin’.”

You cannot escape Blake’s burning intensity, though. “You know why Usain calls me ‘The Beast’?” asks Blake. “Because when you’re sleepin’, I’m workin’, I’m toilin’ through the night. It’s what great men do.” H

e is not joking. Coaches at Mills’s Racers Club confirm how Blake will do his exercises in the dead of night. Within the camp, they fancy he has inspired Bolt to up his game too.

And if there’s a danger that he becomes too much of a workaholic, then there’s always Sabina Park to embrace. As Tino Best fires in a short one, Blake looks a mite wistful. So come on, Yohan, if we offered you a Test ‘five for’ or an Olympic title, what would you take? “Well, at this time of my life,” this beast of a cricketing dreamer ponders thoughtfully, “I think I’ll go for the gold . . .”

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London 2012 Olympics: Usain Bolt’s agent plays down injury fears after sprinter visits German doctor

Posted by Dresonic on February 14, 2012

Usain Bolt’s agent has denied the Olympic sprint champion is struggling to get fit with just six months to go until the London Games.

London 2012 Olympics: persisitent leg niggle prompts Usain Bolt to visit controversial Munich doctor

You need Hans: sources close to Usain Bolt claim the Olympic champion is suffering from a niggling leg complaint Photo: REUTERS

Bolt flew to Munich last week to visit one of Europe’s most controversial doctors less than a week after pulling out of the Camperdown Classic in Kingston on Saturday, the Jamaican’s first scheduled race of the season.

Bolt had been expected to launch his season at the National Stadium but was spotted instead in Germany late last week, so the track was buzzing with rumours that he might have a recurrence of the back trouble which has required treatment from Munich-based specialist ‘Healing’ Hans Müller-Wohlfahrt.

According to reports, Bolt secretly visited the expensive clinic of Muller-Wohlfahrt, a 69-year-old doctor who is known for using unorthodox methods which include injecting patients with calf’s blood.

Bolt missed the end of the 2010 season with a back injury and was treated by Muller-Wohlfahrt so it is possible that the triple gold medallist is nursing a fresh injury.

His agent Simms has moves to quash any rumours, however: "People can put two and two together and make five. Any speculation is ridiculous."

"He is not injured. He trained fully up to leaving Jamaica and is training fully again."

Coach Glen Mills was also quick to play down reports that his star pupil was struggling with injury, insisting that his visit to Europe was for a business trip.

"Bolt is not injured," said Mills. "He trained up to the day before he left the island for his business trip."

Bolt’s biggest challenger, Yohan Blake, revealed that the defending 100m champion has been in flying form when they sprint together in training and believes that they could push each other to barrier-breaking peaks this summer.

Blake insisted that Bolt looked as good as ever after his slightlyhit-and-miss 2011. “Usain is getting back to his old self,” he said.

“He’s not frightened of me. He’s the world’s fastest man and he knows what he can do.”

At the end of last season, Blake clocked 19.26sec for 200m, a time bettered only by Bolt’s world record 19.19sec.

Asked if he felt they could push each other to crack the 19-second barrier, Blake said: “It’s possible. Given the right day, no breeze, anything can happen.”

Despite his unusual treatments being criticised as a "Frankenstein-type experiment" by the head of the US Anti-Doping Agency, Muller-Wohlfahrt is a favourite of top athletes struggling with debilitating injuries.

Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Paula Radcliffe, Ronaldo and Boris Becker have all seen the German physician.

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Musical Spotlight – Click Picture For Free Music Give Away! Become a RuguNation Fan today!Nat

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Talented Youngster – Keammar “Dada” Daley

Posted by Dresonic on October 22, 2009

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Bolt to run 200 at World Athletics Final

Posted by Dresonic on September 2, 2009

MONACO (AP) – Usain Bolt has confirmed that he will run the 200 metres at the IAAF World Athletics Final next month in Greece, the international athletics federation said yesterday.

BOLT… shattered world records in the 100 and 200 metres at the World Championships earlier this month

The Jamaican sprinter shattered world records in the 100 and 200 metres at the World Championships earlier this month. He clocked 9.58 in the 100 and 19.19 in the 200 to improve the times he set in winning gold medals at last year’s Beijing Olympics.

Bolt contested the 200 metres at three meetings this season and was not automatically qualified for the race, which will take place on September 13 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

“But as per the qualifying regulations the eighth place is at the discretion of the IAAF,” the international federation said in a statement.

Bolt last competed in the world final in 2006 when he came third in the 200 with a time of 20.10 seconds in Stuttgart.

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Bolt tin the Money

Posted by Dresonic on September 2, 2009

MONTE-CARLO, Monaco (CMC) – Jamaica’s phenomenal World and Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt is set to enjoy a whopping US$500,000 payday for competing in the 100 metres in South Korea later this month.

Bolt… has been labelled the greatest sprinter of all time

Bolt is expected to tackle the shorter sprint on September 25 at the Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting.

Moon Dong-hoo, vice-president of the organising committee for the 2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships in Athletics, said Bolt confirmed that he will race in Daegu and the details are now being worked out for his 100-metre appearance.

In Berlin, Bolt shattered his own world record by 0.11 seconds with a time of 9.58 seconds.

The Daegu organising committee did not disclose his payment, but media reports suggest Bolt is likely to receive US$500,000 for the race.

The Daegu Meeting is expected to attract 200 athletes from 30 nations competing in 16 track and field events.
Meanwhile, Bolt has confirmed that he will also be racing at the IAAF World Athletics Final in Greece this month.

Bolt, who brilliantly won the sprint double – both in world record times – at the IAAF World Championship in Germany last month, is set to run the 200 metres at the September 12-13 World of Athletics Final in Thessaloniki.

Organisers of the IAAF World Athletics Final confirmed Monday that the sprint giant will race in the half-lap sprint on the second day of the final on Sunday, September 13.

Bolt has contested only three 200-metre events so far this year including his Berlin World Championship run last month in an astounding 19.19 seconds, erasing his own world mark of 19.30 he posted in his Olympic victory in Beijing a year earlier.

Bolt last competed in the World Athletics Final in 2006 when he came third in 20.10 seconds in Stuttgart, Germany.

Already being labelled the greatest sprinter of all time, the 23-year-old Bolt is expected to compete in Shanghai after the World Athletics Final before travelling to Daegu.

In the meantime, the projected clash between Bolt and the American Tyson Gay at the Brussels Golden League Meeting on Friday will no longer happen.

Bolt has decided to run the 200 metres and Gay is booked for the 100 metres at the last Golden League meet of the season.

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Bolt takes sprint double at trials

Posted by Dresonic on June 30, 2009

Triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt clocked 20.25 seconds in a strong negative wind of
(-2.4 m/s) to win the 200 metres and complete the sprint double as the 2009 Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships ended at the National Stadium in Kingston last night.

Sprint star Usain Bolt cruises to victory in the men’s 200m final at the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships at the National Stadium last night. Steve Mullings (centre) was second while Ramone McKenzie finished fourth. (Photos: Bryan Cummings)

On a day that Olympic silver medallist Shawn Crawford posted a wind-assisted (+3.3) 19.73secs to win at the American trials, the world 100m and 200m world record holder Bolt, came off the curve well ahead of the field before cruising the last 50 metres to win ahead of Steve Mullings 20.40 and Marvin Anderson 20.63.

“I’m feeling alright (though) I’m a little tired after the rounds (three 100 and two 200) because I’m not really in the best shape of my life,” Bolt told the Observer. “I think I ran the corner pretty well and my coach will decide what we need to do to improve it,” added the 22-year-old sprinter.

“I think I’m still a little behind the schedule (when compared to 2008), but I have a lot of work to do to get back there and like how we’re leaving for Europe, there will not be any distractions,” Bolt said.

Running into a head wind of (-1.1), two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown, who missed the entire month of April with a toe injury, captured the female equivalent in 22.40secs.

“I have a little under two months before Berlin so I’m confident that I’ll be back in the shape that I need to win (the double),” Campbell-Brown said, who confessed that she was not fully recovered from her injury.

Olympic 200m gold medallist Veronica Campbe-Brown (left) powers to victory in the half-lap event at the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships at the National Stadium last night. Simone Facey (right) finished third.

“I must admit that the five weeks that I’ve lost hurt me a little, but I’m staying positive and just continuing to train hard,” the reigning 100m champion and silver medallist in the 200m from 2007 added.

Olympic 100m gold medallist Shelly-Ann Fraser, who captured the 100m title on Saturday with 10.88, finished second behind Campbell-Brown with 20.58ecs, while 2008 NCAA champion Simone Facey was third with 22.96.

The women’s 200m was run as a straight final after two-time Olympic medallist Kerron Stewart and Commonwealth Games medallist Sheri-Ann Brooks, who placed second and third in the 100m on Saturday, withdrew from the half-lap event.

Two-time World Championships medallist Delloreen Ennis-London produced a late burst to overhaul early race leaders Lacena Golding-Clarke (12.89) and Brigitte Foster-Hylton (12.87) at the 10th and final hurdle to win the 100m event in a head wind of (-1.1 m/s).

Commonwealth Games champion Maurice Wignall easily won the men’s equivalent in 13.48 (wind -0.8 m/s) ahead of Dwight Thomas in 13.50 and Olympic finalist Richard Phillips in 13.61secs.

Although Olympic finalist and national record holder Kenia Sinclair retained her 800 metres title with a time of 2:01.63, she expressed dissatisfaction with the time.

“I was really hoping that I could have hit, like two minutes flat or one minute 59. I know I’m in better shape than two minutes 01, because I’ve already run sub- two minutes for the year and split one minute 57 at the Penn Relays,” Sinclair said.

Grenadian Neisha Nerard-Thomas posted 2:02.02 for second, while Marian Burnett of Guyana placed third with 2:04.72.

Aldwyn Sappleton retained the men’s crown with a time of 1:48.20secs, following a titanic sprint over the last 200 metres with Ricardo Cunningham, who lost by 0.01 second on the photo finish. Andre Drummonds placed third with 1 min. 50.49secs.

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Phillips post personal best at trials

Posted by Dresonic on June 30, 2009

Olympic 400-metre hurdles semi-finalist Isa Phillips says he is ready to challenge for a medal at this summer’s 12th IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany (August 15-23) after posting a lifetime best 48.05 seconds.

Isa Phillips cruises to victory in the heats of the men’s 400m hurdles at the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships at the National Stadium on Friday.

The time makes the St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) alumnus, the joint-third fastest Jamaican of all time in the event.

“The goal is not to take over from Danny McFarlane; it’s the Americans that I want to beat because we’re (I’m) not just thinking national, we are dealing international,” Phillips said, after posting the world-leading mark to win the national title at the National Stadium in Kingston. McFarlane was second with 48.54secs, national junior record holder Josef Robertson finished third in 49.22.

The only Jamaicans to have run faster than Phillips in the one-lap obstacle race are 1992 Olympic silver medallist Winthrop Graham with 47.60secs and 2004 silver medallist Danny McFarlane with 48.00.

Phillips, who had entered the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships with a lifetime best of 48.36secs says his fast time has been long in coming.

“It’s nothing unexpected because I’ve been running and working hard from day one. It’s a process. We already know that if you work for what you want and want it hard enough, you get it,” he said.

The American trio of Angelo Taylor with 47.25secs, Kerron Clement 47.95 and Bershawn Jackson 48.06 swept the 400m hurdle medals at last summer’s 29th Olympiad in Beijing, China.

“I have seen people working at it for a couple years before they get a breakthrough, so it’s the same thing for me,” Phillips added, noting that he still has some way to go before perfecting his race.

“We’ve (I’ve) just started to get it right. the right steps (between hurdles) in practice have me on 47 high, so that’s coming because once we do it in training , it’s only a matter of time before we do it in competition,” the confident Phillips said, noting that Graham and McFarlane have been tutoring him.

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Bolt and Fraser take 100M victory

Posted by Dresonic on June 28, 2009

Olympic 100-metre champions Shelly-Ann Fraser and Usain Bolt confirmed their readiness for this summer’s 12th IAAF World Championships in Berlin by posting world leading times in the blue riband event on day two of the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships at the National Stadium last night.

Running in lane three, Fraser exploded from the blocks to lead from start to finish, just like she did at last summer’s Beijing Olympics.

Olympic champion Usain Bolt (left) celebrates approaching the finish line in the men’s 100m final ahead of former world record holder Asafa Powell on the second day of the Supreme Ventures National Senior Championships at the National Stadium last night. Bolt clocked an impressive 9.86 seconds. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

The second fastest Jamaica woman of all time who previously struggled to break 11 seconds all season after an appendix operation in April, crossed the line in 10.88secs despite running into a head wind of (-1.5 m/s).

“Yes, I’m (satisfied) because my coach has been working really hard with me and I love him so much for all his patience and everything he has worked on for me,” Fraser told the Sunday Observer.

“I mean, it was a really bad season for me because I had to take out my appendix and after that I got a hamstring strain, so at times I was really frustrated, but my coach was my motivator, along with my teammates, so I thank God for that,” Fraser added.

Olympic silver medallist and defending champion Kerron Stewart, who entered the meet with the world leading mark of 10.92, surged in the last 50 metres after getting off to a poor start to claim second place with 10.93ses ahead of Commonwealth Games champion Sheri-Ann Brooks, 11.16.

Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser (right) wins the blue riband event ahead of Olympic silver medallist and defending champion Kerron Stewart at the National Stadium last night. Fraser clocked a fast 10.88secs. (Photo: Bryan Cummings)

Olympic silver medallist Sherone Simpson, who was running her first race since undergoing surgery on her left knee in September, finished fifth in semi-final two and did not make the final. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gay says Berlin massive showdown with Bolt

Posted by Dresonic on June 28, 2009

OREGON, United States (CMC) – American Tyson Gay believes the World Championships in Berlin will be a massive showdown with sprint superstar Jamaican Usain Bolt.

Gay, the defending double sprint World champion, has been running quick times in the build up to the August Games and thinks he will challenge Bolt, the reigning double Olympic sprint champion and record holder.

“I’m looking forward to a fast race,” said Gay, after running a wind-aided 9.75 seconds in the 100 metres at the United States trials in Eugene on Thursday.
“I ran a wind-aided 9.7. He ran a wind-aided 9.7. We are both showing great fitness.”

Gay could only watch as Bolt made all the headlines at the Beijing Olympics last year, smashing records in the 100 metres and 200 metres, en route to dominating the events.

Injured during the US trials in the lead-up to the Olympics, Gay was not at his best and missed out on a spot in the 100 metres final.

Gay, who dominated the World Championships in Osaka, Japan two years ago, has been on the comeback trail ever since.

He clocked a quick 19.58 seconds in the 200 metres at the Reebok Classic in New York, the third fastest time in the history of the event and now seems poised to test Bolt’s mettle at the August 15-23 showpiece.

Gay said he possessed what was needed to beat Bolt, and would now focus on improving his start.

“Pretty much when I become more technically sound out of the blocks,” Gay said. “I have the mechanics. I have the coaching . it’s there.”

Bolt has looked impressive already this season, clocking a breezy 9.77 seconds at the 48th Golden Spike meet on Ostrava last week.

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Bolt clocks 9.77 and Delloreen Ennis-London takes 100h in 12.79

Posted by Dresonic on June 18, 2009

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic (AP) – Olympic champion and world-record holder Usain Bolt won the 100 metres in 9.77 seconds at the Golden Spike meet yesterday.

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic – Jamaican Usain Bolt (2nd right) crosses the line to win the men’s 100m at the IAAF World Athletics Tour Golden Spike meeting yesterday. From left are Ryan Moseley from Austria (eighth), Samuel Francis of Qatar (fourth) and US sprinter Marcus Brunson (sixth). (Photo: AP)

Bolt had a strong tail wind of 2.1 metres per second – too fast to make the time count officially – but he wasn’t complaining.

“I’m just happy I got under 10 seconds,” he said. “Sometimes I got the right wind, sometimes I don’t. I’m just happy I ran injury free.

“It was quicker than I thought,” said the Jamaican, who was cheered by the crowd long after his race.
“It was not an easy victory. I had some problems at the beginning so the result is great for me. I enjoy winning.”

After a seemingly slow start he wasn’t happy about, Bolt cruised to victory ahead of Britain’s Craig Pickering, who finished well behind in 10.08. Ronald Pogon of France was third in 10.17.

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic – Doloreen Ennis-London of Jamaica celebrates after winning the women 100m hurdles at the IAAF World Athletics Tour Golden Spike meeting yesterday. (Photo: AP)

“I’m satisfied with the time, it was a good time,” Bolt said. “Even though there was wind I’m proud of myself anyway.

“I’m running fast; that’s what I’m sure about. It’s a positive sign for me. I’m happy.”

Bolt established himself as the world’s fastest man by winning the 100, 200 and 4×100 relay at the Beijing Olympics in world record times. He won the 100 gold medal in 9.69.

Bolt ran 9.93 in Spanish Town, Jamaica on March 14, but the tail wind was also above the maximum allowed.
He is set to race at the Jamaica championships and meets in Switzerland, Paris and London before the world champs in Berlin in August.

Olympic 110 hurdles champ Dayron Robles of Cuba, who set the world record at 12.87 seconds in Ostrava last year, won this year in 13.04 seconds, the world’s best time this season. He was followed by Dexter Faulk of the United States in 13.13 and Shamar Sands of Bahamas in 13.38.

“Even though it is a new world-leading time (this year), I did not feel well today,” Robles said. “I don’t know what happened. I think I need one more week to train and it will improve.”

The 2005 world champion, American Bershawn Jackson, won the men’s 400 hurdles in 48.32 seconds, also in the best time of the season, with Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic second in 49.20 and Marek Plawgo of Poland third in 49.59.

Meselech Melkamu of Ethiopia was running neck and neck with Kenya’s Linet Masai in the women’s 5,000 until she reached the finish in 14 minutes, 34.17 seconds.
Masai was just 0.19-second-behind followed by another Kenyan, Vivian Cheruiyot, in 14:38.26.

Paul Hession of Ireland took the men’s 200m with a strong finish, beating Brian Dzingai of Zimbabwe by one hundredth of a second in 20.44 seconds.

Double world champ Michelle Perry of the United States was beaten by Jamaica’s Delloreen Ennis-London in the women’s 100 hurdles. Delloreen crossed in 12.79 seconds.

“I’m really satisfied with my time today I can say I ‘m ready for Jamaica’s trials next weekend,” Ennis-London said.

Perry, who hit a hurdle, finished in 12.86 while another American Danielle Carruthers was third in 12.90.

Selected results
100-1, Usain Bolt, Jamaica, 9.77 seconds. 2, Craig Pickering, Britain, 10.08. 3, Ronald Pognon, France, 10.15. 4, Samuel Francis, Qatar, 10.17. 5, Martial Mbandjock, France, 10.24. 6, Marcus Brunson, United States, 10.28.

200-1, Paul Hession, Ireland, 20.44. 2, Brian Dzingai, Zimbabwe, 20.45. 3, Nickel Asmeade, Jamaica, 20.72. 4, Jiri Vojtik, Czech Republic, 20.80. 5, Kristof Beyens, Belgium, 20.81. 6, Stephane Buckland, Mauritius, 20.83.

Women 100 Hurdles-1, Delloreen Ennis-London, Jamaica, 12.79. 2, Michelle Perry, United States, 12.86. 3, Danielle Carruthers, United States, 12.90. 4, Derval O’Rourke, Ireland, 12.95. 5, Lucie Skrobakova, Czech Republic, 12.96. 6, Anay Tejeda, Cuba, 12.97.

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Posted by Dresonic on June 11, 2009

TORONTO (AP) – Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award yesterday for his record-breaking performance in the Beijing Olympics.

Usain Bolt (left) of Jamaica engages in his trademark pose after accepting the prestigious Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award from former world 200 and 400m record holder Michael Johnson in Toronto, Canada, yesterday.

Bolt became the first man to win gold in the 100 metres (9.69 seconds), 200 metres (19.30) and 400-metre relay (37.10) in world record times in the same Olympiad.

“I am delighted to win this prestigious award and would like to thank everyone who voted for me,” said Bolt, who performed his trademark celebration, a lightning-like gesture with his arms.

“It is an honour to succeed such greats as multiple winner Roger Federer, Michael Schumacher, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.”

He received the award from Laureus World Sports Academy member Michael Johnson, who set the previous record in the 200m (19.32secs) at the 1996 Olympics.

The other nominees for the award were: Olympic swimming sensation Michael Phelps; Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal; motor sport racers Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi; and Portugal and Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

In Rome last week, Russian pole-vault star Yelena Isinbayeva received the Laureus World Sportswoman of the Year Award.

Bolt is in Toronto to compete in the 100 at the Festival of Excellence track and field meet to be held at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Centre today.

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Prefontaine Classic results – Eugene Oregon

Posted by Dresonic on June 7, 2009

Track Events :

 2009 Prefontaine Classic Grand Prix - 6/7/2009
                          Eugene, OR

Event 4  Men 3000 Meter Steeplechase
       World: W 7:53.63  2004        Saif Shaheen, Qatar
    American: A 8:08.82  2006        Daniel Lincoln
     Hayward: H 8:08.08  2007        Paul Koech, Kenya
 Prefontaine: P 8:08.08  2007        Paul Koech, Kenya
   All-Comer: @ 8:01.85  5/31/2008   Paul Koech, Kenya
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Paul Koech                   Kenya                  8:13.44
  2 Roba Gary                    Ethiopia               8:21.22
  3 Josh McAdams                 USA                    8:26.55
  4 Rob Watson                   USA                    8:27.09
  5 Ben Bruce                    USA                    8:33.11
  6 Kyle Alcorn                  USA                    8:34.02
  7 Billy Nelson                 USA                    8:35.90
  8 Dan Huling                   USA                    8:36.47
  9 Brian Olinger                USA                    8:37.23
 10 Tom Brooks                   USA                    8:43.25
 11 Steve Slattery               USA                    8:45.13
 -- Luke Watson                  USA                        DNF

Event 5 Men 400 Meter Hurdles
World: w 46.78 1992 Kevin Young, USA
American: a 46.78 1992 Kevin Young
Hayward: h 47.69 1993 Kevin Young, USA
Name Year Team Finals
1 Bershawn Jackson USA 48.38
2 Isa Phillips Jamaica 48.55
3 Kerron Clement USA 48.73
4 Angelo Taylor USA 48.79
5 Michael Tinsley USA 48.80
6 Markino Buckley Jamaica 50.80
7 Kenneth Ferguson USA 51.94

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Campbell-Brown pleased with season’s progress

Posted by Dresonic on June 7, 2009

ORLANDO, Florida (CMC) – Top female sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown has her sights set on being a tough competitor at the Jamaica national championships later this month.

Campbell-Brown… I ran 10.81 which is actually the fastest I’ve run under any conditions

The two-time Olympic 200 metres and reigning World 100 metres champion recently returned to competitive running, after a brief injury lay-off with an infected toe.

She made her first appearances for the 2009 international outdoor season last month with mixed results, but she was still satisfied with the way things had unfolded.

“I had my first race on May 23 in a low-keyed meet in Clerwater, Florida, and was quite satisfied with my performance,” said Campbell-Brown in her online diary appearing on the website of the sport’s world governing body, the IAAF.

“I ran 10.81 seconds (wind-aided) which is actually the fastest I have run under any conditions. My coach Lance Brauman was satisfied as well.

Jamaica’s most successful female sprinter added: “I then went to New York for my second race, the Reebok Grand Prix on May 30 (wish it was for shopping!), and there I finished third.

“Again, I am satisfied as the race revealed to me things that I need to address as I prepare for the rest of the season.

“Chances are that I will get another race in prior
to the Jamaican national championships which are at the end of June.”

Campbell-Brown admitted the last month had eventful, since she also celebrated her 27th birthday. She was born on May 15, 1982, and she noted the highlight was her husband Omar, also an athlete of some repute, surprising her with breakfast in bed.

She said: “I was served the national dish of Jamaica – ackee and cod fish – and I wished I could have more than one birthday per year!

“My track idol Merlene Ottey was also here in Orlando during this time, so the day was a memorable one!”

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Jamaicans stumble a little at 5th Reebok Grand Prix

Posted by Dresonic on May 31, 2009

RANDALL’S ISLAND, New York – It was a disappointing day for Jamaica’s seniors at yesterday’s 5th Reebok Grand Prix at Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island, as they failed to win any of the major races.

Despite an almost capacity pro-Jamaican crowd, the locals failed to shine, with the best finish being Kenia Sinclair’s second in the women’s 800m.

Pre-race favourite Asafa Powel was a disappointing seventh in the 100m, while three-time champion Veronica Campbell Brown was third in the women’s race.

The meet, which saw six world-leading performances, was highlighted by a scintillating 19.58secs-run by American Tyson Gay who destroyed a quality field in the 200m.

This was the third fastest time ever behind Usain Bolt’s world record 19.30secs and Michael Johnson’s 19.32 set in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics.

Gay, who was second in Bolt’s 100m world record run over 100m here last year, got a bullet start and by the time they got to the curve was well ahead of the field and kept running through the tape.
Wallace Spearmon, who has won here for the past three years, was second in 19.98, while Xavier carter was third in 20.27.

Sinclair was well placed to win the two-lap event after being taken through the first 400m by pace-setter Sophia Smellie in 57.42 seconds and led until the last 100m befoe being overhauled by American steeplechaser Anna Willard.

Sinclair ran a season best 1:59.66 but lost to a world-leading 1:59.29.

She told Sunday Observer she ran “the third 200m too hard” and paid for it.

Steve Mullings was the best placed Jamaican in the Men’s 100m ‘A’ race, placing third in a wind aided 9.98secs (3.1 m/s) behind Americans Mike Rodgers (9.93) and Travis Padgett (9.96). Read the rest of this entry »

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IAAF would back Bolt’s quest for Olympic treble

Posted by Dresonic on May 31, 2009

NEW YORK, United States (CMC) – Track & field’s world governing body, the IAAF, say they are willing to consider altering the athletics schedule at the London Olympics to enable sprint phenomenon Usain Bolt to chase three individual gold medals.

BOLT… hinted at attempting 400m to add to Olympic treasure trove

Bolt, who captured the 100 metres and 200 metres in Beijing last year, has already hinted at attempting the 400 metres to add to his Olympic treasure trove.

That feat has never been achieved by an athlete, given the hectic timetable between the 200m and 400m, but IAAF spokesman Nick Davies said recently consideration would be given to rearranging the schedule to accommodate Bolt’s ambitions.

“To win all three sounds incredible,” Davies was quoted as saying in the Courier-Mail.

“If Usain continues to do amazing things, is super motivated, we’d be insane not to consider it.

“He might not like the 400m and he reiterated when in Manchester that he does want to defend his Olympic 100m and 200m titles.

“But it’s more interesting for Bolt because everyone thought he would develop as a 400m runner.”

The IAAF officials are expected to stage their first meeting to consider the programme schedule for the London Games this October at which the topic could be discussed.

The 22-year-old Jamaica’s first assignment, however, is to repeat as sprint champion at the World Championships in Berlin in August.

“If [Bolt] wins the 100m and 200m in Berlin I think it would be strongly considered and (London Organising Committee chairman) Sebastien Coe is an athletics guy and he would be over the moon to have that.”

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Download : Versatyle’s new single I Needed You Baby – Entertainment

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2009

Versatyle's song art

Versatyle's Song Art

Download :  I Needed You Baby

Representing the island of Jamaica, Versatyle displays creativity and passion in his music. Versatyle also sings, writes and performs with the group RuguNation which is also Jamaican based. Check out Versatyle on myspace or contact him by email at rugunationmusic@gmail.com for dubs, or shout outs.

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Bolt destroys 150m world record in style

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2009

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Bolt visits Manchester United

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2009

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Words of wisdom for Bolt from Lamine Diack

Posted by Dresonic on May 20, 2009

MONACO (AP) – IAAF president Lamine Diack has reminded triple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt of his “responsibility” as a champion.

BOLT… key athlete in sport of track & field

Diack said yesterday he has spoken to the 22-year-old Jamaican sprinter about the extra pressures he would face following his stunning performances in Beijing last August.

“You’re the key athlete in our sport and you have a responsibility,” Diack told a small group of reporters. “He’s not a movie star or singer – he’s a champion. (So) if you are fit, you make the performance or you are finished.”

Bolt won three gold medals in Beijing last year, all in world record times, but has made off-the-track headlines since then by being photographed in nightclubs, talking about marijuana use and crashing his car last month.

“Now you have a major responsibility,” Diack said he told Bolt. “Now you are the major star.”

Bolt set world records in the 100 and 200 at Beijing and was a member of the record-breaking relay team.
He beat Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey’s time in the rarely run 150 metres on Sunday in a street race in Manchester, England. Diack praised his performance but said he doesn’t expect street races to become a trend.

“Our sport is in the stadium. The future is not on the street,” Diack said. “This is only for promotion.”

Diack spoke on the day the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced a three-year sponsorship deal with Samsung. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Diack said the agreement followed six years of talks with the Korean electronics company.

The deal covers this summer’s World Championships in Berlin, the 2010 world indoors in Doha, Qatar, and the 2011 world outdoors in Daegu, South Korea.

“Daegu is their hometown,” Diack said. “I will discuss it with them after that to continue.”

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