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London 2012 Olympics: Yohan Blake gets ready to challenge Usain Bolt for the coveted 100 metres title at London 2012

Posted by Dresonic on February 14, 2012

Baseball cap back to front, flip flops kicked off and bare feet swung casually over the seat in front, the lad and his mates in the Courtney Walsh End stand occasionally boom out support to the Jamaican batsmen being bombarded by the Barbados pacemen.

Yohan Blake gets ready to challenge Usain Bolt for the coveted 100 metres title at London 2012

Power and passion: Yohan Blake brings dedication to his training Photo: REUTERS

“It’s important that they know we’re behind them, man. Gotta show them love . . .” he drawls.

Yohan Blake looks so youthfully chilled and comfy at Sabina Park, he could easily pass as one of the boys going around the ground flogging water to the diehard fans.

Except this is the world’s youngest 100 metres champion, the national hero who would be Jamaica’s Olympic king, the phenomenon some believe will be the one to beat his unbeatable mate and training partner Usain Bolt in the marquee duel of the entire 2012 Games.

It is almost impossible to square the vision of this charming, invisible local with that of the intense, muscular colossus who, the following day, strips off for action in his day job amid the shrill cheers of a few thousand at a high school meet in Jamaica’s National Stadium for his first race of the year.

That is a miraculous transformation when his young pal becomes, in the words of Bolt, ‘The Beast’.

At the cricket, though, The Beast is a pussy cat who no-one bothers. He comes along with a couple of old schoolmates and joins a few regulars who just gleefully take the mickey out of the “big man” when they see our photographer taking a picture.

“Things have changed since I became champion; everyone wants a piece of me now. This is where I chill out. Here, people let me be,” he says, gazing across one of the sport’s great cathedrals. “Cricket’s my first love. Any time it’s on, you find me here before trainin’. As a boy, I’d rather have played for the West Indies than go to the Olympics. It was my dream.

“When I was starting out at 12, I didn’t go to school a lot so I was puttin’ up a stick in the yard and bowlin’ at it.” And some old habits are hard to break.

"Remarkably, it can now be revealed, the world champion is still bowling like the wind in competitive cricket every Sunday for Kingston CC.

If it had not been for yesterday’s Twenty20 match being cancelled, Blake would have been pounding in for his weekly four-over spell, less than 24 hours after opening his Olympic campaign with a new lifetime best for 400 metres – 46.49sec – in the Camperdown Classic meeting.

He couldn’t have looked any happier with his run than when he recorded his season’s Twenty20 “pb” the other week.

“I took four for 10!” he says proudly. It seems a wonder that his coach Glen Mills would allow him to indulge this cricketing passion but, apparently, the only thing he draws the line at is that Blake doesn’t go motorbiking on Kingston’s pot-holed roads.

Blake was runner-up in Saturday’s race behind world championship relay medallist Allodin Fothergill but still ecstatic to knock 0.31sec off his one-lap best. He looked ominously sharp over the first 200m, starting effectively where he left off last summer when he followed up his world championship triumph with a quite astonishing 19.26sec 200m in Brussels, the second fastest half-lap in history.

“I’m much, much stronger this year and faster,” he beamed, suggesting he is fine fettle to take on Bolt in the races, over maybe both 100m and 200m, which will bring the island to a fevered standstill this August.

Blake, who benefited from Bolt’s extraordinary disqualification for false starting in the world championships, at Daegu, is far too respectful to make inflammatory predictions for 2012, even if you can find many here convinced it could be the 22-year-old’s time.

“It’s going to be down to the person on that day,” he shrugs. “If Usain wins, I’m happy; if I win, he’s happy. If a Jamaican wins, Jamaica’s happy, we all are. It’s a bit of a good drama yes, one of the best sport has ever seen.”

But if he’s coy about who’s the fastest runner, he is not so shy when quizzed on who’s the quicker bowler. Bolt counts Chris Gayle among his victims but Blake laughs: “Usain thinks he’s much better than me but even though he gets more bounce and pace because he really tall, I’m better! I’m pretty quick, fast through the air!” Blake’s Jamaican manager Timothy Spencer swears only Fidel Edwards is nippier in the entire Caribbean!

Actually, cricket made Blake. He tells of when his school principal O’Neil Ankle saw him bowling, could not believe his speedy run-up and suggested track could be his forte. He passed him on to St Jago, the high school which produced countless athletics champions and where Blake became the fastest 100m teenager the island had seen.

For the young boy, the sixth of seven brothers and sisters from a desperately impoverished background in Bogue Hill near Montego Bay, this was the escape he dreamed of.

“l wanted a better life to help my family. I wasn’t born with a golden spoon in my mouth; it was a really tough life. So many times, we had no money to even get to school. I’d have to find empty beer bottles to sell and spent hours carrying water on my head because we had no water at home. It gave me strength which helps me today.”

His background inspired Blake to set up the YB Afraid Foundation, designed to help fund a new life to underprivileged kids. When he distributes gifts at the Mount Olivet boys’ home the Foundation has adopted, he can see a touch of himself reflected in these youngsters.

“It is important to me. I want to help these kids because if you follow them around Jamaica and see the reality, it makes you want to cry because it’s really, really hard for them,” he says with considerable emotion. “I feel I’m a role model and encouragement for all of them. I say when I go to talk to the kids ‘look at me, I’m only young but I did it you can too’.”

Blake seems a deeply impressive character. Those around him are fiercely defensive of his reputation despite the three-month doping ban he served following a failed test in 2009. They insist that a stimulant, ingested innocently in a nutritional supplement, was not even on the banned list. He deserves no stigma, the Jamaica AAA President, Dr Warren Blake, told me here.

There is little of Bolt’s showman exuberance in Blake; he seems quieter, more studious. Where Usain still likes his increasingly infrequent nights out clubbing, Blake reckons he “not a party man but more of a family man, easy going with my friends, playing dominoes. And, trust me, Usain is a genius at dominoes ”

The pair train side by side daily at the University of West Indies track here under the fatherly eye of coach Mills. To outsiders, it seems extraordinary for the world’s two best sprinters to be so cosy; to Blake, it could not feel more natural.

“People outside think ‘how can they be friends?’ but we are, we have fun and a wonderful chemistry. Usain’s a unique character, the greatest talent the world has seen, and he helps and encourages me. But training together is good for both of us. When we line up, it is business but apart from that, it is friendship. For me, it is not a rivalry — and I don’t think it is for him too. It’s just good competition. Nice and excitin’.”

You cannot escape Blake’s burning intensity, though. “You know why Usain calls me ‘The Beast’?” asks Blake. “Because when you’re sleepin’, I’m workin’, I’m toilin’ through the night. It’s what great men do.” H

e is not joking. Coaches at Mills’s Racers Club confirm how Blake will do his exercises in the dead of night. Within the camp, they fancy he has inspired Bolt to up his game too.

And if there’s a danger that he becomes too much of a workaholic, then there’s always Sabina Park to embrace. As Tino Best fires in a short one, Blake looks a mite wistful. So come on, Yohan, if we offered you a Test ‘five for’ or an Olympic title, what would you take? “Well, at this time of my life,” this beast of a cricketing dreamer ponders thoughtfully, “I think I’ll go for the gold . . .”

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London 2012 Olympics: Usain Bolt’s agent plays down injury fears after sprinter visits German doctor

Posted by Dresonic on February 14, 2012

Usain Bolt’s agent has denied the Olympic sprint champion is struggling to get fit with just six months to go until the London Games.

London 2012 Olympics: persisitent leg niggle prompts Usain Bolt to visit controversial Munich doctor

You need Hans: sources close to Usain Bolt claim the Olympic champion is suffering from a niggling leg complaint Photo: REUTERS

Bolt flew to Munich last week to visit one of Europe’s most controversial doctors less than a week after pulling out of the Camperdown Classic in Kingston on Saturday, the Jamaican’s first scheduled race of the season.

Bolt had been expected to launch his season at the National Stadium but was spotted instead in Germany late last week, so the track was buzzing with rumours that he might have a recurrence of the back trouble which has required treatment from Munich-based specialist ‘Healing’ Hans Müller-Wohlfahrt.

According to reports, Bolt secretly visited the expensive clinic of Muller-Wohlfahrt, a 69-year-old doctor who is known for using unorthodox methods which include injecting patients with calf’s blood.

Bolt missed the end of the 2010 season with a back injury and was treated by Muller-Wohlfahrt so it is possible that the triple gold medallist is nursing a fresh injury.

His agent Simms has moves to quash any rumours, however: "People can put two and two together and make five. Any speculation is ridiculous."

"He is not injured. He trained fully up to leaving Jamaica and is training fully again."

Coach Glen Mills was also quick to play down reports that his star pupil was struggling with injury, insisting that his visit to Europe was for a business trip.

"Bolt is not injured," said Mills. "He trained up to the day before he left the island for his business trip."

Bolt’s biggest challenger, Yohan Blake, revealed that the defending 100m champion has been in flying form when they sprint together in training and believes that they could push each other to barrier-breaking peaks this summer.

Blake insisted that Bolt looked as good as ever after his slightlyhit-and-miss 2011. “Usain is getting back to his old self,” he said.

“He’s not frightened of me. He’s the world’s fastest man and he knows what he can do.”

At the end of last season, Blake clocked 19.26sec for 200m, a time bettered only by Bolt’s world record 19.19sec.

Asked if he felt they could push each other to crack the 19-second barrier, Blake said: “It’s possible. Given the right day, no breeze, anything can happen.”

Despite his unusual treatments being criticised as a "Frankenstein-type experiment" by the head of the US Anti-Doping Agency, Muller-Wohlfahrt is a favourite of top athletes struggling with debilitating injuries.

Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, Paula Radcliffe, Ronaldo and Boris Becker have all seen the German physician.

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Musical Spotlight – Click Picture For Free Music Give Away! Become a RuguNation Fan today!Nat

Posted by Dresonic on April 3, 2010

One of the many things I like to see are young people doing something positive with their lives. The musical combination RuguNation is just that. RuguNation is a musical group started by two college students a.k.a Versatyle and Price who have a strong love for music. You can listen to their music here. They are not your everyday musical talent they are beyond the norm. The songs that I have heard are of a great variety and I can tell you they are promising. Don’t take my word for it listen and be your own judge. If you like what you hear then become a fan and support our young talents, we need more youths to tap into their potential and think positive for the future ahead. “Music is the weapon of the future”

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Bolt visits Manchester United

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2009

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Bolt’s Interview on Letterman’s Late Night Show- Big up Jamaica wi large

Posted by Dresonic on September 26, 2008

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Posted by Dresonic on June 28, 2008

World record-holder Usain Bolt beat former record-holder Asafa Powell in the 100-meter final Saturday night in Jamaica’s Olympic trials, finishing in 9.85 seconds.

Powell was second in 9.97.

“We are good friends and that’s why I have been telling everyone that it won’t be a clash here,” Bolt said. “We just came to qualify for the Olympics, but in the end, I guess the crowd was a little disappointed with this.”

Last month in New York, Bolt ran a 9.72 to break Powell’s world record of 9.74.

“I just went out there to execute the first 50 and, in the end, I am very pleased with my performance,” Powell said. “The aim was to make the team and, I did that, so I am OK. … I’m just coming off an injury, so I did what I had to do.

Kerron Stewart won the women’s 100 in 10.80, the second-fastest time by a Jamaican woman ever. Shelly-Ann Fraster was second in 10.85, Sherone Simpson followed in 10.87 and world champion Veronica Campbell-Brown was fourth in 10.87.

“My aim first was to make the team. It wasn t about the time, but I am very pleased with 10.80 seconds,” Stewart said.

In the women s triple jump, Trecia Smith, the 2005 world champion, won at 44 feet, 8 inches. Mardrea Hyman (4:21.00) and Kevin Campbell (3:56.97) won the 1,500s, and Melaine Walker (54.58) and Danny McFarlane (48.68) took the 400 hurdles.

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New CD from Versatyle “Ghetto Soldier” is out Get It Now Via Bit Torrent!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 11, 2008

Front Cover Ghetto Soldier AlbumBack Cover Ghetto Soldier Cd

Ghetto Soldier is Versatyle’s newest creation. The Album features hit singles such as “Crazy feat Price & Jiggy”- “African Princess” – “High Grade” – “Ghetto Soldaz” – “I Miss You feat. Japanese sensation RuRu” and many more. The Album has twenty tracks. Get it while you can freely Via bittorent. Versatyle is making his CD exclusively available to Dresonic.wordpress.com so sonic readers grab it. Dresonic is working on a direct download but still no success with that yet.

Dresonic hopes to get an exclusive interview with Versatyle we will have that up as soon as possible for the sonic readers. Give some feed back…

How To Get It: Follow link and download the torrent file (Versatyle Ghetto_Soldier_Album + Bonus Photos) and then use your favorite bittorent client Utorrent ( get it at Utorrent.com) and then you are down.

About Versatyle : Verastyle is a new upcoming Independent Jamaican Artiste making his way throught the music with his unique flavor appealing to many different people across the world. His Versatility is shown in his songs. This CD was totally written by Versatyle base on his life’s experiences.

Contact Versatyle : myspace.com/therealversatyle

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New Hit Single from Rugu Nation – Versatyle & Price

Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2008

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HaHaHa Ninja Yuh No Easy…

Posted by Dresonic on September 24, 2007

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50 Cent VS Kanye West Album Wars…Now Lets See…

Posted by Dresonic on September 19, 2007

50_and_kanye.jpg50 Cent began eating his words within the first day of his “album sales” clash with Kanye West.

Numbers from Soundscan Building Charts showed West’s “Graduation” selling 437,000 and 50’s “Curtis” selling 310,000.

Kanye’s last album, “Late Registration,” debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 with opening sales of 860,000 copies and led the chart for two weeks. In other Kanye news, the rapper performed on Sunday’s telecast of the Emmy Awards. And he will perform on the main stage, not in a party suite.

50 Cent pledges to quit the business as a solo artist if “Curtis” didn’t outsell “Graduation Day.” However, on Wednesday he was on New York’s Hot 97 with Angie Martinez blaming his label, Interscope, for losing the sales war with Kanye. He is reported to have said, “To be honest, the process of selling this record hasn’t been fun.” “I’m happy with the performance, but I’m not happy with the set up. We had conference calls and after we created this plan, nobody actually had a plan,” 50 Cent said. “It was the label,” he continued. “They’re dropping the ball all over the place. I’ll release my next album and then I’m a free agent.”

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