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Talented Youngster – Keammar “Dada” Daley

Posted by Dresonic on October 22, 2009

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Watch Beijing Olympics 2008 Online – Every Event as They Happen!!!!!

Posted by Dresonic on August 10, 2008

I know have we thw world has been waiting for this moment; “the 2008 Beijing Olympics.” What can I say its the most exciting event in history for the year 2008. I know I have promised the Dresonic community TV-J and CVM-TV links, but unfortunately that didn’t not work out as the link I was discontinued. I have been looking high and low to find a link so I can bring Sonic Surfers Olympic joy. Well don’t worry I have found a way that I think we all can be pleased with– and NO ITS NO YOUTUBE!!!! Well really all you have to do is follow the instructions below and you will be on your way to learning Chinese and watching Asafa and Bolt demolish the track.

(High Speed Internet Recommended)

Instructions to watching Beijing Olympics online:

1. Go this link and download the file Silverlight.2.0 as you will need this to view the videos. (Don’t worry this is not spam, it is a Microsoft certified software so it is safe to install)

2. Next thing go to the website http://www.nbcolympics.com/ and you will see a full schedule of every event.

3. The video player will ask you to fill in some information about your internet provider and zip code in the United States. I recommend for you to put 06604 as Zip Code and Direct Tv as your internet provider from the drop down list. It will give you a message. Just click next or ok.

4. After that you will be ready to watch the Olympics on demand.

All the best Sonic Surfers


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New Hit Single from Rugu Nation – Versatyle & Price

Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2008

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Posted by Dresonic on December 24, 2007

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Watch Free Television From Your Computer….Its True!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2007

Have you ever thought of doing something with out paying for it…??? Well of course you do, you’re only from earth where life is hard and there is a short on money!!! Well dresonic got you covered. I have used crappy services in the past to try and bypass the inevitable which is of course watching TV in the hall or on my brand new iphone…ok maybe I went over board with the iphone thing but point being I wanted a way to stop watching TV on TV on start watching in the leisure of my comfy chair. Enough pussyfooting around let mi get to the point.

For Free TV try  TVU its a free download which is one of the better ones i’ve seen. Channels include SPike TV, COmedy CEntral, SCI-FI and Nickalonean to name a few.

For TV on demand get JOOST which is almost open to the public and is also a free download. You will need an invite, you can email me if you need one im giving them away for free.

For the JAMAICANS who want to watch TVJ and CVM TV email me and I will send a link to you.

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Rising Jamaican Artist With His Latest Music Videos

Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

Rising Star Munga Representing Jamaica to the fullest

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Final Spider-Man 3 trailer

Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

Yeah .. a little off-topic but to easen up a boring no-news day it’s good I guess. Movie-List has posted a third full trailer for Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 3, featuring more footage from the anticipated film, opening in conventional theaters and IMAX on May 4. This trailer debuted in theaters with 300 on March 9, but never made its way online until now.

Enjoy, because there won’t be any more full length trailers for Spidey 3. What does it have? Why a little more of Tobey in the black suit of course. The trailer’s name is subtly titled, “The Venom Within.”

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Duttywine Gone Wrong…..Reaaaaaally Wrong!!!!

Posted by Dresonic on February 28, 2007

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