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Fraser expects great results in 100

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

20080813T000000-0500_139009_OBS_FRASER_EXPECTS_GREAT_RESULTS_IN_____METRES_1Even her smile resembles that of a young child. But don’t let that fool you because when she takes the track she is as fierce a competitor as they come.

New Jamaican sprint sensation, Shelly-Ann Fraser introduced herself to the world at June’s National Track & Field Championship with a magnificent 10.85-second clocking to finish second in the 100m and book her ticket to the 29th Olympiad in China.

And like her MVP teammate Asafa Powell, Fraser says sprinting runs in her family.

“My mother (Maxine Simpson) is probably one of the biggest reasons why I’m running because she used to run and she stopped because she got pregnant with my big brother (24-year-old Omar). She also has a 20-year-old brother – Andrew.

“My mother encourages me
a lot and I really love her because when nobody else was there, she always made sure to provide for us (by peddling goods),” she related.

The Stephen Francis-coached Fraser surprised most people at the National Stadium, including reigning World Championships 100m gold medallist Veronica Campbell-Brown, who crossed the finish line fourth in 10.88secs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Dresonic on February 6, 2008















Today Jamaicans celebrate the birthday of the late Bob Marley. His influence has left the world in a frenzy as he was a great trend setter and leader on the musical mission. Bob Marley was one of Reggae’s most outlandish patriots and he stands today in memory for his accomplishments. Jamaica would not be the great island today if not for outstanding achievements of its greatest people, Bob Marley stands strong in this category. The legacy left behind by Bob Marley will forever live on as long as Reggae music is a live. So for today let us all say a big “happy birthday” to Bob Nesta Marley!!!!

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Dresonic’s Mother’s Day Token…Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.

Posted by Dresonic on May 13, 2007

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Happy Valentines Day……

Posted by Dresonic on February 14, 2007


Well there is really nothing for me to say but Happy Valentines Day you people out there that supports it. If you ask me Valentines Day is a rip off, yep I said it a rip off for all those gifts that have been so neatly rapped by that cashier at wal-greens or that manger at wal-mart. Everyone should give Valentines day a break and stop slinging and digging for reasons not buy that sexy outfit for that special someone. With that said who would not want to buy a sexy outfit for their partner. Guys I think this is your time to make up for all those times you didn’t tell her you loved her, its the perfect set-up. Tell her you were saving all your love for V-Day…….if she believes you she needs a big stone to the head……With all said and done lets just tell our girls how much we love them, not because its the right thing to do but because its the truth.

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