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Posted by Dresonic on May 30, 2007

BACK with a bang, 100m world record holder Asafa Powell sped to the fastest time this year and the fastest 100m ever in Serbia, clocking a world-leading and meet record 9.97 seconds to win the event at the second Belgrade International Meeting at the Partizan Stadium yesterday.

Belgrade, Serbia – Jamaica’s Asafa Powell wins the men’s 100 metres at the AthleticsBet meet here yesterday in 9.97 seconds. (Photo: AP)

Powell was extremely relaxed and after the race saluted the record 20,000 spectators who turned up to see the Commonwealth champion become the first athlete this season to run under 10sec.

“I was under pressure because it was my first race of the season,” admitted Powell.
“However, I am happy with my performance. The weather was superb and it was an extremely well-organised event.
“To date my season has been disturbed… but I am feeling very relaxed and hungry for more competition.”

Running with a tail wind (+0.5 m/s), Powell finished ahead of the Netherlands Antilles’ Churandy Martina (10.11) and training partner and 2005 World Championships silver medallist Michael Frater (10.19). Jamaica’s Mario Forsythe finished in sixth position in a time of 10.43 seconds.
The athlete, who twice last year equalled his world record (9.77), had said in Monday’s pre-race press conference he hoped to clock under 10 seconds at this meet.

“I’m looking to go under 10 (seconds) here, but I don’t know how fast if it’s under 9.9secs or under 10secs, but I would love to run under 10,” Powell had told reporters.
It was his first 100m race of the season after being sidelined for several weeks with tendonitis in the knee.
The knee injury forced the 2006 Commonwealth Games champion to pull out of three meets earlier this season – Mt Sac Relays (April 15), Penn Relays (April 28), and the Jamaica International Invitational (May 5).

Nolle Graham, who was last year reinstated by the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association after switching to represent the United States four years prior, leapt to a meet record and career best 6.65 metres to win the women’s long jump.
The previous meet record (6.46) was held by another Jamaican, Elva Goulbourne, set at last year’s first staging of the Belgrade International. Read the rest of this entry »

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Watch Free Television From Your Computer….Its True!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2007

Have you ever thought of doing something with out paying for it…??? Well of course you do, you’re only from earth where life is hard and there is a short on money!!! Well dresonic got you covered. I have used crappy services in the past to try and bypass the inevitable which is of course watching TV in the hall or on my brand new iphone…ok maybe I went over board with the iphone thing but point being I wanted a way to stop watching TV on TV on start watching in the leisure of my comfy chair. Enough pussyfooting around let mi get to the point.

For Free TV try  TVU its a free download which is one of the better ones i’ve seen. Channels include SPike TV, COmedy CEntral, SCI-FI and Nickalonean to name a few.

For TV on demand get JOOST which is almost open to the public and is also a free download. You will need an invite, you can email me if you need one im giving them away for free.

For the JAMAICANS who want to watch TVJ and CVM TV email me and I will send a link to you.

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Posted by Dresonic on May 20, 2007

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PIECE OF THE DAY -Inna di bus- Written By Yanique

Posted by Dresonic on May 14, 2007


For all those of you who are not from Jamaica/ the Caribbean, the title simple means ‘In the bus.’ This is a topic that I’ve always stewed in my mind and now I’m just venting.

The public transportation system here in Jamaica is a joke, especially if you live in the Kingston region and you have to take the bus to school in the mornings. Unfortunatley, I was subjected to the horrible experience yesterday AND this morning also.

First of all I must say that the bus system does serve to be of some historical use as now almost more than 80% of Jamaicans have had glimpses of what it was like when the slaves were packed like sardines in ships to cross the Atlantic to the Americas. So we now have one more thing in common with our ancestors. If the bus capacity is 40, I can assure you that here in Ja that bus would fit at least 150. Ok ok, maybe I exaggerated. It might fit 100. You become intimately close to the person next to you, behind you and infront of you. You and your neighbours become one. It seems as though our national motto takes on a literal meaning…”Out of many, one people.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Dresonic’s Mother’s Day Token…Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.

Posted by Dresonic on May 13, 2007

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Posted by Dresonic on May 11, 2007

THE long-awaited season debut of world 100-metre record-holder Asafa Powell in his pet event will take place in 18 days at the second AthleticsBet meet in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hampered by tenonitis in the knee for the past month, the 2006 IAAF Male Athlete of the Year pulled out of three meets – the Mt Sac Relays (April 15), Penn Relays (April 28) and last Saturday’s (May 5) Jamaica International Invitational.

However, agent representative of the MVP Track Club Paul Doyle has confirmed that Powell – the 2006 Commonwealth champion who registered a record 12 sub-10 seconds clocking last season, is fully recovered and will run his first competitive 100 metres in just over two weeks.

“Well, his first meet will be in Belgrade on the 29th of May,” Doyle told the Observer in an exclusive interview from Doha, Qatar, yesterday. He said Powell’s training partner Michael Frater, the 2005 World Championship silver medallist, along with some European athletes, will contest the 100 metres.

“It’s sort of a low-keyed meet and as an opener we figured it would be a good start for Asafa… it gives him enough time before the Eugene (Oregon, USA) meet, the Prefontaine Classic (on Sunday, June 10),” Doyle added, noting that the Jamaican star will have 12 days between both meets.
He also disclosed that Powell will compete at this year’s first Golden League meet – the Exxon Mobil Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway – on June 15.

Powell – who twice equalled his world record 9.77secs on June 11 in Gateshead, England, and August 18 in Zurich, Switzerland, becoming the first man to legally run under 9.8 seconds on three occasions – won a share of the US$1-million Golden League jackpot by winning all six races in the series last season.
American quarter-milers Sanya Richards and Jeremy Wariner, who experienced similar success on the European Circuit, shared in the jackpot. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inside Apple: Stomping on Vista; iPhone Launch Crisis

Posted by Dresonic on May 10, 2007

With roughly one month to go, speculation is ramping up concerning the announcements Apple will make at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The company confirmed in early May that CEO Steve Jobs will once again deliver the keynote address at what has become Apple’s major mid-year platform for launching products. Think Secret sources report Apple will announce an official ship date for the iPhone at WWDC—some time in the second half of June—and the company is expected to start accepting pre-orders for the hotly anticipated item following the keynote on June 11.

n preparation for the release, sources report Cingular personnel have been conducting extensive network tests in each Apple retail store in an effort to ensure the iPhone is demonstrated in the best light possible.

Cingular, as the only U.S. carrier of the iPhone, is presumably performing network upgrades where necessary so that its service functions at the highest level possible in the stores. The company expects the iPhone to create “the biggest selling period [Cingular has] seen in a few years”, according to an internal memo circulated to employees that also noted no employee vacation requests would be approved from June 15 through July 15 to ensure adequate staff is on hand during the initial roll-out. The iPhone will only be available through the Apple Web site, Apple retail stores, and Cingular-owned retail stores, the companies have previous said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Take Ubuntu for a non-invasive test drive with Wubi

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007

Windows only: Wubi is a Windows-based Ubuntu Linux installer that lets you run the OS on your Windows XP box–no partitions, bootloaders or Live CDs required.

Wubi appears to be an evolved, community-supported version of the Ubuntu Windows installer prototype we looked at a while back. Just run the executable, reboot, and choose Ubuntu from the boot menu that appears. Like a Live CD, Wubi makes no changes to your system but affords full access to your hardware and comes with a robust suite of Linux apps and utilities (the same stuff that comes with Ubuntu).

Wubi is beta, but it worked fine on my XP system and uninstalled without a hitch. Some users will undoubtedly prefer the Live CD approach to Linux test-driving, but this saves you having to burn a CD and affords a more permanent Linux presence–if that’s what you want. Wubi is free; it requires Windows XP

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Good Processor Prices!!!!!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


With Intel’s recent price reduction I figured it was a good time to show you a couple of placed where you can buy the processors cheap. The prices compared to two weeks ago have dropped a little again.

And they are really cheap aren’t they ? Check out the E6600 (really magnificent perfomance!) for 224 USD. The E6700 is now priced at the old E6600 level, roughly 320 bucks. Core 2 Quad then E6600 … 529 USD !

Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Dual Core Processor for $188.00

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Dual Core Processor for $224.00

Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Dual Core Processor for $318.00

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Dual Core Processor for $529.00

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Quad Core Processor for $967.00

BTW if you click on the prices you go to the store directly and can check stock, at the time of writing all CPUs where on stock.

With Intel’s aggressive pricing on the new CPUs AMD could only do one thing .. drop their prices as well. They did recently and are much more competitive now. Did you know you can pick up the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core Processor for merely 229 USD ? Let me put some prices in an overview for you.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core Processor for $229.00

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Dual-Core Processor for $174.00

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual Core Processor for $129.00

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Dual Core Processor for $118.00

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core Processor for $97.90

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Dual Core Processor for $59.00

You click on the prices you go to the store directly and can check stock, at the time of writing all CPUs where on stock. Whatever your choice is .. now is definitely a good time to pick up a new CPU.

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Comcast CEO shows off super quick modem

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007

The cost of modems that would support the technology, called “channel bonding,” is “not that dissimilar to modems today,” he told The Associated Press after a demonstration at The Cable Show. It could be available “within less than a couple years,” he said.

The new cable technology is crucial because the industry is competing with a speedy new offering called FiOS, a TV and Internet service that Verizon Communications Inc. is selling over a new fiber-optic network. The top speed currently available through FiOS is 50 megabits per second, but the network is already capable of providing 100 Mbps and the fiber lines offer nearly unlimited potential.

The technology, called DOCSIS 3.0, was developed by the cable industry’s research arm, Cable Television Laboratories. It bonds together four cable lines but is capable of allowing much more capacity. The laboratory said last month it expected manufacturers to begin submitting modems for certification under the standard by the end of the year.

In the presentation, ARRIS Group Inc. chief executive Robert Stanzione downloaded a 30-second, 300-megabyte television commercial in a few seconds and watched it long before a standard modem worked through an estimated download time of 16 minutes.

Stanzione also downloaded the 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica 2007 and Merriam-Webster’s visual dictionary in under four minutes, when it would have taken a standard modem three hours and 12 minutes.

“If you look at what just happened, 55 million words, 100,000 articles, more than 22,000 pictures, maps and more than 400 video clips,” Roberts said. “The same download on dial-up would have taken two weeks.”

Other cable industry executives, including Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Richard Parsons, News Corp. President Peter Chernin and Viacom Inc. Chief Executive Philippe Dauman, cheered the demonstration during a panel afterward.

Brian Dietz, spokesman for the conference host, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, said the demonstration was the key technological advance showcased at the conference.

“It’s an exponential step forward and we’re very excited,” Roberts said. “What consumers actually do with all this speed is up to the imagination of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

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Pavilion HDX HP’s first gaming notebook

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


HP is about to release its first-ever gaming notebook, according to a series of images and specs that have slipped out online. The Pavilion HDX should be the first fruits of the Voodoo PC buyout and is likely to include both high-performance parts for gaming as well as avid movie watchers. Similar to the XPS M2010, the HDX will more closely resemble a portable desktop with a 20-inch display and a handle to carry the 12-pound system. The lower half of the casing is large enough that a full-featured Windows Media Center remote docks to the left of a full-size keyboard, complete with touch-sensitive media keys at the top.

  • Centrino (Core 2) Duo T7700 2.4GHz CPU
  • 20.1-inch 1680 x 1050 “Ultra Brightview” display
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB graphics (DirectX 10)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dual 200GB SATA drives, eSATA port
  • Integrated ATSC / NTSC tuner with IR blaster
  • 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth
  • HD DVD (read-only), dual layer DVD±RW drive
  • ExpressCard slot, HDMI out
  • Specs for the system weren’t revealed, but the system will be “for gamers,” according to the source. It should use Intel’s Santa Rosa-based Core 2 Duo processors, which are expected to top at 2.4GHz but may be offered with factory-unlocked Core 2 Extreme models at 2.6GHz or higher. A high-end dedicated video chipset is certain and may involve NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce Go 8000-series GPU. Media options will be equally strong and are likely to include an HD DVD option with HDMI output as well as a webcam.

    No release date was pegged for the HDX in the leak, which claims only that the system will be available in the coming months. The relatively finished state of the product images, however, suggests a closer release which may occur as soon as this week’s official release by Intel of the Santa Rosa notebook platform

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    Sun Tells Java Plans

    Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


    Sun Microsystems, which continues to plan for upgrades to the core Java platform, announced at its JavaOne conference in San Francisco that Java Standard Edition (SE) 7 will feature a “superpackage” capability for improved distribution of small pieces of software.

    The capability will overcome an obstacle in the current software distribution format in Java, said Bob Brewin, chief technical officer in the Sun software group. The current format is out of date and does not permit distributing smaller bits of software or creation and distribution of collections, he said. “[Superpackaging] allows for more efficient distribution of Java applications as well as updates,” Brewin said. Java SE 7 is anticipated next year.

    Also on the agenda is modularization of the GlassFish Java application server in Version 3 of the system. This would allow for its use in applications such as embedded systems, Brewin said. The application server could be deployed in a device such as a PDA, where users could work with an application such as a calendar to make appointments and then re-synchronize with the network system later.

    “The major breakthrough is it allows you to do things without necessarily having to be connected,” said Brewin.

    Sun also touted technology referred to as Mobile Services SOA, which features a framework to integrate network services such as location and identity and link them to Web services such as weather reports and stock quotes. Applications would be deployed on devices.

    Brewin reiterated that Sun’s new JavaFX technology, featuring a new runtime that enables deployment of visual applications from the desktop to devices, will be expanded beyond the current JavaFX Mobile, for deployment on phones.

    “I do expect that there will be other [deployments]. For instance, I can easily see that we will release runtime systems for set-top boxes” or in-dash displays in cars, Brewin said. JavaFX Mobile is built on top of a Linux kernel, he said.

    Sun’s JavaFX Mobile features technology acquired when the company bought SavaJe last month.

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    ‘Spider-Man 3’ Box Office Bodes Well for Summer

    Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007

    “Spider-Man 3,” the latest in the blockbuster series starring Tobey Maguire, set an exuberant tone for Hollywood’s summer season, beating box-office records for its opening day and the weekend that followed, domestically and internationally.

    The movie, directed by Sam Raimi, took in an estimated $148 million in domestic ticket sales in its opening weekend, including $59 million when it opened on Friday, according to box-office tracking companies like Screenline and Media by Numbers. Both figures broke the records held by “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”

    “Spider-Man 3” broke records around the world too, as it opened abroad even before hitting screens in the United States, underscoring the rising dominance of international markets. The film took in an estimated $227 million in 105 foreign countries, outstripping the previous record-holder, “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.”

    “It’s the biggest opening ever in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Italy, Mexico and Brazil,” said Jeff Blake, Sony’s chairman for worldwide marketing and distribution, adding that the film broke records in 26 countries. “It justifies the expense of a franchise picture like this. And I think it’s a great sign for the summer.” Read the rest of this entry »

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    Akon Attempts Some Sexual Healing

    Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


    Akon intended to get down and dirty, but he didn’t mean to offend.

    That’s what the hip-hop star had to say, anyway, on Wednesday when he apologized for engaging in some sexually explicit dance moves with an underage girl at a concert last month in the Caribbean.

    A tape of the Apr. 12 show at the Zen nightclub in Port of Spain, Trinidad, ended up on YouTube and was broadcast on local television stations, prompting Verizon to drop Akon as a featured talent and end its sponsorship of Gwen Stefani‘s latest tour, which features the “Smack That” rapper as an opening act.

    “I want to sincerely apologize for the embarrassment and any pain I’ve caused to the young woman who joined me onstage, her family and the Trinidad community for the events at my concert,” Akon said in a statement.

    “It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18. That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience. Somehow, that standard was not met.”

    The object of Akon’s simulated affection was 15-year-old Danah Alleyne, who explained after the fact that she thought she was being invited to shake it with Akon because she had won a dance contest.

    Turned out that the “contest” was unofficial and more of a move to get seven ladies (or six ladies and a girl, it turned out) up on stage. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Posted by Dresonic on May 3, 2007


    A sensational upset by the “Golden State Warriors” or as I like to call them : The Burning Warriors. Davis and Jackson were two key back bone figures for the victory over the Mavericks along with Barnes. Jackson had about 9 consecutive 3 pointers from downtown taking the lead and helped to extend the lead to a smashing 26 points. Davis also injured his right hamstring and was a scare for the Warriors, Davis in response to the injury shot great from the field while setting up penetrative plays. If you didn’t watch the game I must say you missed a great game warrior. The warriors will move on to play the winner between Rockets and Utah. The name says it all “WARRIORS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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