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Free Software that Works…Download anyone…??

Posted by Dresonic on July 26, 2007


First let me say we all have needs regardless of the situation we are in and by situation I mean rich or poor. Like the famous song writer Jr Gong puts it “there is something for you”, he is so right because for all you poor people like my self who finds it very upsurd to by software I have a few FREE recommendations for some of your basic needs. For example converting video/music there is a great free software known as MediaCoder that will convert supported formats what ever device you may want to use it one. For me I use it to convert my Video podcasts  like DL.TV so i can watch on my 20 inch tv with my Divx player, it works great.


Downloading from the net can be asstle especially when yu have to keep track of numerous files and if you are a video junky like me from site like youtube and gametrailers then yu will agree that this next free software is totally a saver. FlashGet is one of if not the best free download manager, due to my high level of download sometimes I get slow speeds from sites (or it could be that im being throttled by my internet provider…suspiciouos:-) flash get solve that problem by making several connections to the same file thus increasing download. I have tried this and proved it right.


Of course everyone is concerned about protecting their computers from virus and worms, well there is a solution. Even though in the end everything comes down to behavior of the user because if you have AV on your system but still continue to bootleg countless software then you are willingly putting yourself in the line of fire ( trust me  I know:).One of the best free AV of course is Avast Free Edition, its really effective plus who wouldn’t like a program that tells you when the virus database is updated ” your virus database has been updated” I love Avast. May i add that AVG is also a worthy competition but heh who cares they are all free right.  


Organization is key with having less headaches caused by clustered desktops, need is say more…? Ok I will but not much on this topic. Have you ever had a clustered desktop? Of course you have unless you’re not human, so here is my recommendation : Folder2MyPc. its real simple to use, basically the things you don’t really need on your desktop but would still want to have quick access to them can be moved to My Computer and in the case of Vista Computer. It works great for me and I have had no problems with it the only thing is if you don’t control yourself My Computer can get crowded but hey better and crowded My Computer than and crowded Desktop…exactly I thought so too.


Avast Free Edition


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Watch Free Television From Your Computer….Its True!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2007

Have you ever thought of doing something with out paying for it…??? Well of course you do, you’re only from earth where life is hard and there is a short on money!!! Well dresonic got you covered. I have used crappy services in the past to try and bypass the inevitable which is of course watching TV in the hall or on my brand new iphone…ok maybe I went over board with the iphone thing but point being I wanted a way to stop watching TV on TV on start watching in the leisure of my comfy chair. Enough pussyfooting around let mi get to the point.

For Free TV try  TVU its a free download which is one of the better ones i’ve seen. Channels include SPike TV, COmedy CEntral, SCI-FI and Nickalonean to name a few.

For TV on demand get JOOST which is almost open to the public and is also a free download. You will need an invite, you can email me if you need one im giving them away for free.

For the JAMAICANS who want to watch TVJ and CVM TV email me and I will send a link to you.

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Pavilion HDX HP’s first gaming notebook

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


HP is about to release its first-ever gaming notebook, according to a series of images and specs that have slipped out online. The Pavilion HDX should be the first fruits of the Voodoo PC buyout and is likely to include both high-performance parts for gaming as well as avid movie watchers. Similar to the XPS M2010, the HDX will more closely resemble a portable desktop with a 20-inch display and a handle to carry the 12-pound system. The lower half of the casing is large enough that a full-featured Windows Media Center remote docks to the left of a full-size keyboard, complete with touch-sensitive media keys at the top.

  • Centrino (Core 2) Duo T7700 2.4GHz CPU
  • 20.1-inch 1680 x 1050 “Ultra Brightview” display
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB graphics (DirectX 10)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dual 200GB SATA drives, eSATA port
  • Integrated ATSC / NTSC tuner with IR blaster
  • 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth
  • HD DVD (read-only), dual layer DVD±RW drive
  • ExpressCard slot, HDMI out
  • Specs for the system weren’t revealed, but the system will be “for gamers,” according to the source. It should use Intel’s Santa Rosa-based Core 2 Duo processors, which are expected to top at 2.4GHz but may be offered with factory-unlocked Core 2 Extreme models at 2.6GHz or higher. A high-end dedicated video chipset is certain and may involve NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce Go 8000-series GPU. Media options will be equally strong and are likely to include an HD DVD option with HDMI output as well as a webcam.

    No release date was pegged for the HDX in the leak, which claims only that the system will be available in the coming months. The relatively finished state of the product images, however, suggests a closer release which may occur as soon as this week’s official release by Intel of the Santa Rosa notebook platform

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    Sun Tells Java Plans

    Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007


    Sun Microsystems, which continues to plan for upgrades to the core Java platform, announced at its JavaOne conference in San Francisco that Java Standard Edition (SE) 7 will feature a “superpackage” capability for improved distribution of small pieces of software.

    The capability will overcome an obstacle in the current software distribution format in Java, said Bob Brewin, chief technical officer in the Sun software group. The current format is out of date and does not permit distributing smaller bits of software or creation and distribution of collections, he said. “[Superpackaging] allows for more efficient distribution of Java applications as well as updates,” Brewin said. Java SE 7 is anticipated next year.

    Also on the agenda is modularization of the GlassFish Java application server in Version 3 of the system. This would allow for its use in applications such as embedded systems, Brewin said. The application server could be deployed in a device such as a PDA, where users could work with an application such as a calendar to make appointments and then re-synchronize with the network system later.

    “The major breakthrough is it allows you to do things without necessarily having to be connected,” said Brewin.

    Sun also touted technology referred to as Mobile Services SOA, which features a framework to integrate network services such as location and identity and link them to Web services such as weather reports and stock quotes. Applications would be deployed on devices.

    Brewin reiterated that Sun’s new JavaFX technology, featuring a new runtime that enables deployment of visual applications from the desktop to devices, will be expanded beyond the current JavaFX Mobile, for deployment on phones.

    “I do expect that there will be other [deployments]. For instance, I can easily see that we will release runtime systems for set-top boxes” or in-dash displays in cars, Brewin said. JavaFX Mobile is built on top of a Linux kernel, he said.

    Sun’s JavaFX Mobile features technology acquired when the company bought SavaJe last month.

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    Google enters the video conferencing market

    Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2007


    Google has purchased Swedish video conferencing company Marratech, possibly with the goal of adding a video conferencing application to Google Pack or Google Apps.

    Unlike several competing video conferencing applications, Marratech requires a desktop download. Clients are available for PC and Mac users. This would hardly be the first desktop application from Google, which already offers the Google Desktop search program and the Picasa picture organizing software.

    But it would also be interesting to see Google tie video conferencing into its online office suite, allowing users to discuss documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all from a single web-based interface.

    No word on when Google will launch its video conferencing application or how much it will resemble Marratech’s current offering.

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    Windows Live Spaces gets a facelift

    Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2007

    Windows Live Spaces launched some new features yesterday turning the site into more of a social networking site than the pure blogging/homepage site it once was.

    The newness starts with a new homepage design that keeps you up-to-date with changes in your friends pages. In addition to the basic homepage changes users can now send personal messages back and forth as well as add a guest book to their page that allows other users to leave photos and videos as comments.

    For those who want to add a little more flair to their Live Space the site has added more customizable options for pages allowing you to incorporate personal photos into your page design or choose from built-in templates. Photo albums also received a slight upgrade; allowing you to view all of your photo albums on the same page.

    Microsoft is getting serious about Web 2.0, and only 2 full years behind the rest of the world. Way to go Redmond!

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    Beta Testing For Joost Available But Not To Public

    Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2007

    Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet, which uses new and established technologies to provide the best of both the internet and TV worlds. We’re in the process of making it as TV-like as we can, with programmes, channels and adverts. You can also see some things that we think will enhance the TV experience: searching for programmes and channels, for example, as well as social features like chat. There are many more new features to come in future Joost releases.

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    Adobe announces a Flash-based Media Player

    Posted by Dresonic on April 16, 2007

    adobe media player

    It looks like Adobe is looking at getting a slice of the desktop media player pie, but they insist that they are playing on neutral ground. Adobe has just entered into the market with a flash based media player that is plainly not aimed at competing.

    The Adobe Media Player (formerly Philo) will work both online and on the desktop without a web browser using the Flash platform. The player has a flash based video playback and includes a number of social features like tagging, rating, and sharing videos with contacts. It can be branded, tracked and monetized as well as protection for the content that is embedded.

    The Media Player, of course, runs off of Adobes new Apollo rich internet application development platform that Adobe has been trying to push on users recently, and works with both Mac and PC operating systems

    The launch date is scheduled for a late spring beta release, and it is rumored that 90% of major media companies are testing the Adobe Media Player.

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    Adobe releases preview versions of After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3

    Posted by Dresonic on April 16, 2007

    Let the fun begin! Adobe has released preview versions of After Effects CS3 and Premiere Pro CS3. This should give you something to play with until the final products ship “mid-summer”.

    The After Effects preview is available to licensed users of After Effects 7, Production Studio, Video Bundle or Web Bundle. You will need to provide your AE7, Production Studio or Bundle serial number in order to get an After Effects CS3 preview serial number. If you don’t own any of the required products, you can check out the software for 2 days before it self destructs. The preview is available as a Universal Binary for Mac and XP/Vista platforms.

    The Premiere Pro preview is available for Intel Macs and XP/Vista platforms. Sorry PowerPC users, there are no plans for a version of Premiere Pro for you. I don’t see any license restriction on this preview so it looks like anyone can give it a whirl. There is a big gotcha if you are running Mac OS 10.4.9. DV Capture will not be functional, and that’s kinda a big deal. Adobe is working with Apple to resolve this problem, but if you want to capture DV with the preview version, Adobe recommends you reinstall the OS using your original system discs, then update to 10.4.8. No thank you.

    Remember, these are preview versions so if you get into trouble there is no tech support. As a Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro switcher, I’m curious how Premiere’s entry back into the Mac world will play out.

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    AVG gives away free anti rootkit

    Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

    Good stuff from Antivirus software manufacturer AVG as today they introduced a free anti-rootkit piece of software. Rootkits burrow around and lurk in applications or the kernel of an operating system.

    AVG Anti-Rootkit is a powerful tool with state-of-the-art technology for detection and removal of rootkits. Rootkits are used to hide the presence of a malicious object like trojans or keyloggers on your computer. If a threat uses rootkit technology to hide itself it is very hard to find the malware on your PC. AVG Anti-Rootkit gives you the power to find and delete the rootkit and to uncover the threat the rootkit is hiding.

    They can do nasty nasty things like collect passwords from PCs without you knowing. AVG reckons they’re now more dangerous than the usual malware because AV software can’t always detect them. It’s completed a six month beta test and will make the software available for free on its web site, here.

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    Microsoft: XP SP3 is not cancelled

    Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

    I’ve got to admit that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft table Service Pack (SP) 3 for Windows XP, as Windows expert Paul Thurrott claims the Redmondians have done.

    “The company has completely abandoned Windows XP, and it has absolutely no plans to ever ship an XP SP3,” Thurrott posted to his Web site on April 6. “My guess is that Microsoft will do what it did with the final Windows 2000 Service Pack: Claim years later that it’s no longer needed and just ship a final security patch roll-up. This is the worst kiss-off to any Microsoft product I’ve ever seen, and you’d think the company would show a little more respect to its best-selling OS of all time.”

    Last fall, Microsoft admitted that XP SP3 had slipped and was now a 2008 deliverable. If Microsoft were to go a step further and dump XP SP3, such a move wouldn’t be too shocking, especially given Redmond’s ongoing reticence to commit to Vista SP1 because service packs are passe.

    I asked Microsoft for an official comment on Thurrott’s XP SP3 post and received the following response:

    “SP3 for Windows XP Home Edition [and Professional] is currently plannedfor 1H CY2008. This date is preliminary,” said a Microsoft spokeswoman.

    In other words: At least for now, Microsoft is sticking by the XP SP3 information on its product-lifecycle page.

    Anyone else hearing SP3 will (or won’t) be a 2008 deliverable?

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    CellFactor: Revolution For Free – May 8th

    Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

    Pretty big news for everyone with a PPU, what was going to be a full retail game is now going to be freely downloadable from the new Cell Factor Revolution site on the 8th of May.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (MARKET WIRE) — April 10, 2007 — Artificial Studios and Immersion Games, independent videogame developers, announced today that its self-published title, CellFactor: Revolution, will be available for free via digital download to PC gamers on May 8. Timeline Interactive based in Egypt also spent months programming code for the game, contributing to the small and specialized global game development team. CellFactor: Revolution is an action-packed, first-person shooter with true-to-life physics that harnesses AGEIA’s PhysX processor to produce hyper-realistic cloth, fluid and debris gameplay effects.

    BFG Ageia PhysX accelerator card
    CellFactor 1 Movie – To the left the PPU disabled, to the right it is enabled.

    BFG Ageia PhysX accelerator card
    CellFactor 2 Movie – To the left the PPU disabled, to the right it is enabled.

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