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Veronica Campbell-Brown says world record for women out of reach

Posted by Dresonic on August 27, 2008

20080826T230000-0500_139537_OBS_OUT_OF_REACH_1Reigning Olympic 200-metres champion Veronica Campbell-Brown believes female sprinters will continue to play second fiddle to the men until someone gets close to or breaks Florence Griffith-Joyner’s  world records.

Before a capacity crowd inside the Bird’s Nest Stadium last week, the Jamaican ran her heart out to clock a personal best of 21.74 seconds and defend her Olympic half-lap title, but was still a long way off the 20-year-old world record.

Her fellow countryman Usain Bolt was the highlight of the Olympics, blazing the track to set new world records in the 100 metres and 200 metres events.

“It’s a touchy subject, but if I should be honest, I really believe men get more attention in this sport,” Campbell-Brown told the broadcast media here. “It’s based on the fact that the world record in the 100m and 200m for men is reachable.

“For me, my PRs (personal records) are 10.85 and 21.74, which I just accomplished here and I only ran that once. It is hard for me to even think about the world record.”

Griffith-Joyner’s records are considered two of the most out-of-reach marks in track and field to date.

Michael Johnson’s previous 200 metres world record of 19.32 seconds was also once seen as impossible also until Bolt lowered it by .02 second in a headwind.

Campbell-Brown, however, said she believed Flo-Jo’s records were beyond her.

“It is beyond my reach. The [200m] world record is 21.34 and the 100m record is 10:49. How many females have even run 10.6 in the past 20 years since Flo Jo set that record?” Campbell-Brown contended.

“It’s disappointing to not get the respect that the males do because they are capable of breaking the record and people are excited to see them run because they know the possibility of breaking the record is close. I don’t have that luxury, and a lot of my competitors don’t have that luxury right now.”

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Bolt not bothered by drugs tests

Posted by Dresonic on August 27, 2008

20080827T000000-0500_139543_OBS_I_M_NOT_BOTHERED_BY_DRUGS_TESTS__SAYS_BOLT_1 BEIJING, China (CMC) – Jamaican Olympic hero Usain Bolt is not surprised by the number of raised eyebrows following his performances at the Beijing Olympics, but said he has nothing thing to worry about because he is clean.

Bolt turned the Olympics upside down with his three gallant performances, winning gold in the 100 metres and 200 metres in world record times. He ran the third leg of the sprint relay in which Jamaica also captured gold in World record time.

Bolt said he had been tested numerous times this season, with all the results returning negative.

“We’ve been tested a lot. I was tested four times before I even started running,” Bolt said, while speaking at an event put on by one if his sponsors, Puma.

“I have taken urine tests and blood tests. I have been tested after every competition,” he added.
He continued: “I have been tested so many times I lost track. And we’re okay with it.

We work hard and we perform well and we know we’re clean. Anytime they want to test us is okay with us.”

Bolt took the Olympics by storm, speeding to 9.69 seconds in winning the 100 metres before returning to clock a sensational 19.30 seconds to break American Michael Johnson’s 12-year-old 200m record and become the first double Olympic sprint champion in 24 years.

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Fit Gay wouldn’t have stopped Bolt, says Christie

Posted by Dresonic on August 27, 2008


Beijing_Olympics_Athletics_Mens_100.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.101 Former World and Olympic champion Linford Christie says double Olympic champion and world record-holder Usain Bolt would have still won the sprint double even if American champion Tyson Gay had been fully fit.

Gay won the sprint double at the World Championships in Osaka, last year but an injury at the United States trials in early July sidelined him and forced him to enter the Olympics without a single competitive race under his belt, and with lingering questions over his fitness.

“Gay is a good athlete and he would have pushed Bolt hard,” said Christie, the only man to have held the Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth 100m titles simultaneously.

“But I don’t think he would have beaten him, considering what Bolt achieved with such an ease. He was on a different planet altogether.”

Before his injury, Gay clocked 9.77 seconds and a wind-aided 9.68 seconds at the US trials, and would have been one of the favourites heading into the Olympics.

However, looking way off his best, Gay bowed out in the semi-finals of the 100 metres. He had earlier failed to qualify for the 200 metres after pulling up in the event at the US trials.

Christie, a Jamaica-born, British sprinter, said he was delighted with Bolt’s achievements at the Olympic Games which ended last weekend.

“I know Bolt since the age of 15 and at first look it struck me he is one for the future. He has the charisma to take athletics to a new level,” the now retired track star said.

He said the 22-year-old, who finished the Games with three gold medals and three world records, “has given a fresh lease of life for athletics” and backed him to becoming one of the greatest sprinters.

“It’s not easy for a junior to run 200 metres under 20 seconds but he managed to achieve this feat. If not for injuries, he would have blossomed a bit earlier, but the time away has in fact helped him,” the 48-year old said.

“He is a much better athlete now and is on his way to becoming one of the greatest.

“[Bolt’s] arrival has given a fresh lease of life for athletics, which has been under cloud since the doping revelation from some top athletes over the last few years.”

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Jamaica Destroys 4x100m World Record To Take Gold – Asafa Powell, Michael Frater, Nester Carter and Usain Bolt

Posted by Dresonic on August 22, 2008

8-22-2008 6-21-07 PM8-22-2008 6-17-30 PM The Jamaican men’s 4x100m relay team that consists of Asafa Powell (former 100m world record holder), Usain Bolt(current 100m world record holder), Nesta Carter and long time sprint sensation Michael Frater finished first in the finals of the 4x100m relays to claim the golden position with a world record breaking time of 37.10. There was almost no competition for the Jamaican super sprint team as they blew away the rest of the field and won by some estimated 15 meters. Jamaica was the favorite going into the finals but they proved to be more than that. With such an unspeakable performance the question is ask: where is the limit for Jamaica? Answer: No limits!!!!!!

Nesta Carter who did not get to participate in the 200m or the 100m rounds showed his commitment to Jamaica by rising to the occasion when duty calls and is now one of the 4 gold medalist. Michael Frater who came behind Asafa Powell in the 100m finals is now a proud gold medal holder as well, Frater is one of those athletes you can never hate. He is always there for Jamaica through thick and thin and we really respect that from him. Frater had his rein in the sprinting realm for Jamaica when sub 11 were the times to have, but he showed great deliverance at this year’s 2008 Olympics as he broke his personal best record in the sub 11 region.

8-22-2008 6-21-45 PM We are all happy to see that Asafa can smile now with ease as he came through for Jamaica on the anchor leg. If Asafa ran the 100m finals the way he ran the anchor leg of the 4×100, there is no doubt in my mind that he and Bolt would be battling neck and neck for the 100m title. But as they say, that’s in the past. I am very happy to see Asafa bringing home a gold from this year’s Beijing Olympics because he truly deserves it. We all have our personal thoughts about him in the 100m but lets forget that and focus on the future, don’t pressure Asafa he is still the man that putted Jamaica on the map.

Jamaica has shown its strength to the world, and now many teams will go back to the drawing boards to try and beat us, there is only one problem with that, they can’t beat what is naturally in our blood and God given. Our little island of Jamaica is blessed and we should realize it. We have many of the elite athletes in track and field that proves to the world over and over; Jamaica a Numba One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Melanie Walker wins 400m hurdles for Jamaica – The Golden Rein Continues

Posted by Dresonic on August 22, 2008


Melanie Walker took gold in the women’s 400m hurdler to beat out rival Sheena Tosta of the United States. Up to 300m Sheena Tosta looked good but Melanie Walkie who was the favorite coming into the race put out a great fight to surge pass Tosta in great Jamaican sprinting style. Tosta who ran out of lane 5 had the advantage of pacing Melanie Walker who ran out of lane 6. Melanie now joins the already outstanding performances for Jamaica and had now added her gold medal to bring up the gold medal count for our little island of Jamaica.

Jamaica has been dominating sprinting events since the beginning of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has shown great talent and heart in all specific events.

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Veronica Campbell-Brown defends her 200m title – Another gold for Jamaica!!!!!!

Posted by Dresonic on August 22, 2008

Veronica Campbell 200m

Veronica Campbell campbell_794014c CampbellBrown_1131376

Veronica Campbell who currently has the top 200m times in world continues “Jamaica’s dominance in the sprints” at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Veronica who did not make it for the 100m came back with vengeance to defend her 200m title that she won in the 2004 Olympics. Even though Veronica did not make the 100m she proved the saying “down but not out,” and she definitely showed heart. Allyson Felix who got second was no threat to Veronica, from the start of the gun Veronica was flying like air-Jamaica.

Kerron Stewart got third and has been doing well, being that this is her first Olympics. Sherone Simpson who has been battling injuries for several months now got sixth. The Jamaican sprint teams are looking positive for the 4×100 relays and hopefully will take gold in both women and men without a shadow of a doubt.

Go Jamaica, we are proud of you Veronica for bringing pride to our island. We love you.

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Bolt & Powell tested 11, 13 times this year, says IAAF

Posted by Dresonic on August 21, 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competed in the 200-metre Olympic final yesterday, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track & field federation (IAAF).

Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee – including three blood tests – ince he arrived to China, Davies said.

Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track & field athletes included in the IAAF’s targeted testing programme.

The IAAF spends US$2 million to US$3 million annually on the programme, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programmes get tested frequently.

Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year – six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.

Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes’ blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.

Bolt’s and Powell’s results “look OK,” Davies said. “If it didn’t, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that.”

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Bolt demolishes 200m world record and sets his own – Astounding performance!!!

Posted by Dresonic on August 21, 2008

The win in the Olympic 200 meters was a given, his second gold medal of the Beijing Games assured.
Usain Bolt sets another world record in the 200m final. Americans Shawn Crawford and Walter Dix get silver and bronze, respectively.

This was now about a world record. About racing against history.

Showing just what he can do when he goes all out start to finish, Bolt forged the greatest race ever run Wednesday night under the hazy lights at the Bird’s Nest, heaving his chest toward the finish line — not simply to beat someone for the gold, but to become a part of track’s glorious, and sometimes troubled, lore.

He finished in 19.30 seconds to break Michael Johnson’s 12-year-old world record, one of the most venerable in the books.

“I just blew my mind and blew the world’s mind,” Bolt said.

Insane, Usain.

Officially, he won by an astounding 0.66 second over American Shawn Crawford, the defending Olympic champion. Crawford won the silver medal when Churandy Martina of Netherlands Antilles, who had finished 0.52 behind Bolt, was disqualified after a U.S. protest for running out of his lane. “It feels like a charity case,” Crawford said.

Either way, it was about four body lengths, the biggest margin in an Olympic 200. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bolt cruises into 200m semi-finals

Posted by Dresonic on August 19, 2008

19sprint_600 I heard the commentator say: if there was a record for making a race look easy Bolt would also have that record…!!! that is true wouldn’t you say so yourself?

The lanky 21-year-old, who is reported by the Financial Times to have boosted Puma’s sale of sneakers by two million pairs in the first hour after taking the 100m title on Saturday, was diplomatic when asked if he would go after Johnson’s 12-year-old record. “I’ll leave it all on the track,” he said.

For the record, Namibian legend Frankie Fredericks, who placed second to Johnson in that world record race in Atlanta, has joined the list of top class sprinters to tip Bolt to surpass the 19.32secs clocking.

“19.2, he’ll run 19.2,” Fredericks told the Observer following Sunday’s 100m medals ceremony.

American Johnson, who is commentating at these Olympic Games for the BBC and Jamaican-born Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey, whose Olympic record of 9.84secs, which Bolt erased, both tipped Bolt to take the 200m record to a new dimension prior to the start of these Games.

Yesterday, Bolt cruised into the semi-finals of the half-lap event, barely working up a sweat to the surprise of the 91,000 spectators and thousands of accredited international media covering these Games. Bolt first returned 20.64secs for second in the fifth of eight preliminary heats, before literally strolling to 20.29 in the quarter-finals, making defending champion Shawn Crawford, who was drawn in the lane ahead of him, look ordinary.

“I just went out there to qualify and that was my first aim and I did just that,” the Glen Mills-coached sprinter said after his sixth race at these Games. Asked if he would be going for Johnson’s record of 19.32, Bolt replied: “I’m just going out there to lay it all on the track because this is my last (Individual) race and hope for the best,” he said, noting that he was a little tired after six races.
“But, I’m OK, I just need some rest ahead of the semi-final and final.”

Bolt, who will celebrate his 22nd birthday on August 21, has been drawn to run in lane six of semi-final two (today) along with the American pair of Wallace Spearmon and Crawford, Kim Collins of St Kitts and Nevis, Jaysuma Saidy Ndure of Norway and Antigua’s Brendan Christian.

Jamaica’s Chris Williams, the 2001 World Championship silver medallist, will run in lane nine of the semi-final along with 100m silver medallist Walter Dix and Churandy Martina of the Netherlands Antilles. The third Jamaican, Marvin Anderson, who contested last year’s final in Osaka, pulled up injured after about 120 metres in his quarter-final with a left hamstring injury. The final is scheduled for tomorrow.

Bolt crowned himself the best sprinter of all time on Saturday by winning Jamaica’s first ever Olympic gold in the blue riband event by shaving 0.03 seconds off his previous world record of 9.72 established in New York on May 31.

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Ricardo Chambers advance from 400m to semi-finals

Posted by Dresonic on August 19, 2008

20080818T200000-0500_139209_OBS_CHAMBERS_ADVANCES_TO____M_SEMI_FINAL_1 Only Ricardo Chambers managed to advance from the preliminary round into today’s semi-final. Chambers, Jamaica’s most consistent quarter-miler all season, posted a conservative 45.22 seconds for third in heat four and progressed automatically to the round of 16.

It was a different story for Sanjay Ayre, who clocked 45.66 seconds and national champion Michael Blackwood (45.56), who finished fifth and fourth respectively in heats two and four.

“My body was still sleeping, I just didn’t react fast enough and could rally back in the 100m because fatigue settled into my legs,” said Blackwood, a semi-finalist at last year’s world championships in Osaka, Japan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Danny McFarlane edged put for Olympic Medal

Posted by Dresonic on August 19, 2008

ATHLETICS-WORLD BEIJING, China – IT was a case of “So close, but yet so far” for Jamaica’s Danny McFarlane and Kenia Sinclair on yesterday’s fourth day of track and field competition in the final of the men’s 400m hurdle and women’s 800m at the Olympic Games at the Bird’s Nest Stadium here.

Both athletes were within medal contention with 100m metres remaining in their respective events as they sought to increase Jamaica’s tally of medals from two golds and two silvers, but failed.

McFarlane, the 2004 silver medallist from Athens, who occupied third position in the one-lap obstacle race with one hurdle to clear, was passed by Bershawn Jackson (48.06secs) in the dying moments of the race to sweep the medals for the United States.

McFarlane crossed the line in a season best 48.30secs in fourth behind Sydney 2000 champion Angelo Taylor 47.25 and 2007 world champion Kerron Clement 47.98.

“The last hurdle momentum kind of messed me up,” McFarlane said after the race. “I could tell from three strides out that my body was a little bit too (leaned) back and for a split second I kind of lost focus, which threw me off,” the 36-year-old added.

Olympic debutante Markino Buckley, who produced career best times of 48.65 and 48.50, respectively, in the heats and semi-final, finished seventh in the championship race with 48.60 seconds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jamaica Makes History in Beijing 2008 – First ever sweep of 100m for any country – Shelly-Ann Fraser & Usain Bolt

Posted by Dresonic on August 18, 2008


100m(1)  20080817---oly_05Personally I love Shelly-Ann Fraser, she is so vibrant and so energetic, she is always smiling. One thing for sure she will be smiling for a looooooong time. Bolt blew away the field with a magnificent performance that will be on the pages of history for a very long time.

Jamaica is in a frenzy for our athletes in Beijing and as the saying goes “Wi Likkle but Wi Fassssst.” Ok so that’s not the saying but come on that’s what it should be at this point. Jamaica has the best sprinters in the world and that is no dispute. Look out for the flock of international athletes who will seek to gain our secrets.

Its been a long time coming and now Jamaica is showing that we are truly great and are the most blessed people on the earth. Big thanks to our athletes for bring the name of Jamaica to heights that only can be dreamed of by many.

Salute to Our Athletes,


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Jamaican ladies demolishes women’s 100m

Posted by Dresonic on August 17, 2008

photo_1218984473617-1-0 When it comes to Olympic sprints, nobody does it better than the Jamaicans.

The Caribbean island of 2.8 million people capped the first gold-medal sweep of men’s and women’s 100m dashes since 1912 with a rare 1-2-2 sweep of the women’s race. After never winning Olympic gold in the 100M, Jamaica got two in as many days.

Shelly-Ann Fraser won the women’s dash Sunday, pumping her fist as she was clocked in 10.78 seconds. Teammates Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart finished in a dead heat for the silver, 0.20 second back — the same margin Jamaica’s Usain Bolt won by Friday night when he hot-dogged to the finish in 9.69.

Fraser knew she had won and smiled wide, showing those braces, and then went to pick up the green, yellow and black Jamaican flag. It was the widest margin of victory in an Olympic women’s 100 final since 1988, when Florence Griffith-Joyner set the world record.

“When I was thinking about it, I was getting ahead of myself,” Fraser said about a gold medal. “I was like, ‘Calm down. First you need to go out there and do it.”‘

She did, and after she crossed the finish line more than a body length in the lead, reggae music played in the background during a three-minute delay while judges looked at the photo finish. There was no way to split the difference, so Jamaica got the top three spots and didn’t even have to settle for a bronze.

“It’s about time,” Stewart said when asked what the sweep meant. “We’ve been waiting on this. So many great athletes have come so close.”

Jamaica’s big win turned into a giant disappointment for the United States. Lauryn Williams finished fourth, Muna Lee fifth and Torri Edwards last. Lee, the only one of that U.S. trio with another chance for an individual medal — in the 200 — said she thought there was a false start.

Edwards herself said she thought she had false-started. The American team filed a protest, though it was swiftly rejected.

“It was a flagrant and a blatant false start that was not recalled and had tremendous impact on the race,” said Lee’s coach, Vince Anderson, just before the rejection. “But they’re not going to rerun the Olympic 100. Anyone who knows anything knows that.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Jamaican ladies head to semi-finals

Posted by Dresonic on August 17, 2008

National champion Stewart was the most impressive, clocking 10.98 seconds to dismiss defending champion Yulia Nestsiarenka (11.14) of Belarus and Olympic silver medallists, Lauryn Williams of the US (11.07), as well as European champion Kim Gevaert (11.10) of Belgium.

Fraser also looked smooth, running a controlled 11.06, while Simpson logged 11.02secs to beat Muna Lee of the US (11.08) and the veteran Chandra Sturrup (11.16) of the Bahamas.

Also, Kenia Sinclair progressed to tomorrow’s final of the Women’s 800m, while Danny McFarlane and Markino Buckley secured spots in the Men’s 400m hurdles decider.

Sinclair, who posted a season best 1 minute 58.28 on the back of a brisk first lap of 56.10secs set by eventual winner Janet Jeokosgie (1 minute 57.28), said determination brought her through as one of the two fastest losers.

‘We went out a little bit too fast. I knew I was going to pay for it in the straight, but I was thinking about getting into the final so I just tried to hold on as much as I could and it paid off,” the national record-holder told the Sunday Observer, adding that she was pleased with her best time of the year.

“I just thank God I was able to… perform to the best of my ability, so now I’m just looking forward to the final to give it all I have because I have nothing to lose,” the 2006 commonwealth and World Indoor silver medallist added. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bolt breaks world record in 100m, Asafa Fails for Gold – Bitter Sweet for Jamaicans

Posted by Dresonic on August 16, 2008

Bolts 9.69
Bolt’s 9.69

It was pandemonium at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when our born and bread Usain Bolt broke the world record which is also his record in the 100m, after jogging a sub 10 in the semi-finals bolt delivered the goods in the final round. Bolt ran a phenomenal time of 9.69 seconds (no wind aided times here) to take gold in fine style. Evidently there was no competition for the tall sprinter and there was no one who showed any type of threat. Coming up through the rounds Bolt remained relaxed while keeping his composure and not forgetting his number one goal which is to compete. Dresonic watched all other competitors but only one conclusion could be made, BOLT.

On the other hand Asafa Powell former world record holder delivered a disappointed performance in the 100m finals. Dresonic did not see this coming and I know the world did not see this coming either, the worse I was expecting from Asafa was to get the silver medal. Asafa is among the favorites here at Dresonic and it would have been lovely to see the matured sprinter take the gold in the 100m. This performance brings flashbacks from the 2004 Olympics and if i may, it was not a wonderful moment. Tyson Gay failed to leave the semi-finals which was no surprise since he is nursing a hamstring injury. Anyway Asafa failed to delivery the goods again at a “major competition” another Olympics. Asafa has not gotten any gold at any major world staged event, people always say Asafa has a mental problem when he is at big meets but I say its more than a mental problem, its also the unprecedented pressure he is under by the world to win. I must I am very heart broken that Asafa wont get another chance to get the gold, lets be realistic Asafa’s time is nearly over as there are more young sprinters going 9.

All in all Asafa, Frater, and Bolt has done Jamaica proud but and I don’t think there is a better performance that we could have dreamed of that could compare to what Bolt accomplished. Dresonic salutes our Athletes in Beijing. Big Up Asafa and Bolt.

Asafa We Still Love You as you brought pride to us all as Jamaicans over the ye


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Performance Enhancing Drugs For Jamaicans – too bad we can’t get rich off it

Posted by Dresonic on August 14, 2008


yellow-yam NEWS FLASH!! — China customs sieze package that was intended for the Jamaican Olympic team!!
A 200 kilo shipment of suspected PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) addressed to the Jamaican track team at the Olympic Village in Beijing, was siezed by authorites at the Wong Hung Lo docks early this morning. Coming on the heels of the disclosure that a member of the Jamaican team has tested positive for a banned substance, the news has rocked the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA) and cast an even greater shadow over the team’s preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior customs inspector told Reuters that suspicions were aroused by the bulky and lumpy shipment which was wrapped in rough, dirty burlap. Stenciled in bold letters on the bag, was the address of the Jamaican team at the Village and also the words:
Upon opening the package, dozens and dozens of a dirty, tubular product were discovered and immediately sent to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lab in Beijing for testing. Chinese customs are certain that they have intercepted a shipment of pure, unprocessed steroids, and have put the IAAF and the JAAA on notice that severe action will be taken as soon as WADA confirms their findings.
The picture below is of one of the mystery tubular ‘products’ from the shipment that was taken to the lab for testing.

Jamaican Yellow Yam (from Trelawny … Bolt country)

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Asafa says anti-doping body drawing too much blood- Jamaican Athletes targeted by WADA

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

Page_2 JAMAICA IS among the top countries being subjected to numerous drug tests by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) at the Beijing Olympics currently under way in China, team doctor Herb Elliott says.

However, despite concerns raised by former 100-metre record holder Asafa Powell, Elliott told The Gleaner yesterday that he believed the testing was in keeping with what is going on at the Games.

“A number of teams have been targeted and our team is one of the better teams,” Elliott, who is also a member of the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) Anti-Doping Committee, said while explaining why the Jamaican athletes were among the frequently-tested groups.

“Naturally we are in for more testing than what normally happens at most Olympic Games,” he added.

Elliott confirmed that somewhere in the region of 30 tests had so far been carried out in the Jamaican camp. Some athletes, he said, had been tested three or four times since the Games began four days earlier.

The team doctor said he was told by a reliable source that all the top teams had been targeted.

“They want this Olympics to be a good one,” he said.

Asafa Powell, the former world record holder and one of the island’s top athletes at the Games, said yesterday that he believed the authorities were overdoing the testing.

Lot of blood

“About two days ago, I got pretty upset because since I’ve been here they have tested me four times and took blood, a lot of blood,” Powell said during a news conference at which Nike unveiled the ‘Zoom Aerofly’ spikes he will be wearing in his attempt to win the 100-metre title.

He told reporters he believed he might not have anything left in him by the time the 100m starts on Friday.

“I’m saying that they are taking so much blood, we are going to be very weak before the final of the 100m,” he said.

Powell also confirmed team-mates Michael Frater and world record holder Usain Bolt have also been heavily tested.

However, yesterday physician and sport analyst Dr Paul Wright said frequent tests would not harm the athletes’ physical health.

“It will have absolutely no effect on the physical well being in regards to blood volume,” Wright said.

“If you are taking a blood test, you can lose blood by the amount of blood that they use. The amount of blood that they take for this test is of absolutely no significance in the overall blood volume of the athlete.”

Wright, however, noted that frequent testing might increase the psychological pressure on the athlete.

“It makes you feel targeted. You begin to feel fed up and frustrated,” he said.

Wright added that “it is bordering on harassment” and that “the pressure is mounting on Jamaica because of how fast our athletes are”.

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Asafa Confident for 100M

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

20080813T000000-0500_139008_OBS_ASAFA_TALKS_TOUGH_1 Powell started favourite on both occasions, but faded to fifth and third, respectively, earning the reputation of a choker.
However, the former record-holder told the Observer he is ready to deliver on his talent as he goes up against new record-holder and compatriot, Usain Bolt, and defending world champion, American Tyson Gay.

“This time around I’m just trying to forget  about the glamour and all the things of the Olympic Games and just focus on running that one race on the track, and that’s the final,” Powell said.

“I want to get through all the rounds and when I get to the final just think of it as just another race and forget about what is going to happen after by just focusing on winning and executing properly,” the 24-year-old former record-holder reasoned.


Frater. has been working well in training

His coach Stephen Francis believes that the sprinter, who has recorded a staggering 39 sub-10 clockings in his short career, will come good in Beijing.

“I don’t want to go around saying what kind of time you expect, but I believe that Asafa has the goods this year to win the 100 metres,” Francis said. “He is in excellent shape and I suspect that with the adjustments we have made this year to ensure that he is able to perform throughout the entire Olympics, then I think that he’s going to show how good he really is,” the coach added.20080813T000000-0500_139008_OBS_ASAFA_TALKS_TOUGH_2

Powell has exhibited good form in the run-up to these Summer Games, winning his last three races (9.88secs) in Stockholm, (9.94secs) in London and (9.82secs) in Monaco, having recovered from a shoulder injury sustained while lifting weighs in the gym in April.

“I’m just real confident, a lot more determined, a lot more focused on getting stuff done, this year I’m more ready than ever,” declared Powell, indicating that Jamaica could sweep the medals. “We can finish one, two, three in the 100m because Michael (Frater) running well and he’s looking very confident,” he added.

The race is expected to go down to the wire between Powell and Bolt, who clocked 9.72 in May to better his previous world record of 9.74, and Gay, who clocked 9.77secs win his Olympic trials.

“I would say the only chance anyone has of beating me (in Beijing) is probably getting out in front of me. That’s the only chance anybody has of beating me right now,” the sprinter said.

The Men’s 100 metres is scheduled to begin on August 15 (tomorrow night local time), the first day of the track & field competition at the 91,000-capacity Bird’s Nest Stadium.

In the meantime, Powell is hoping for smooth baton exchanges as Jamaica seek to become the first Caribbean team to win the Men’s sprint relay.

“We are not perfect (because) we should have been practising from way back in April or January, so right now we are kind of rushing things last minute,” he said.

“Last year we did the same thing and messed up all the baton exchanges and ran 37 (seconds). This year we have a stronger team and we can win that final very easily if we don’t mess up the exchanges that much,” he said.

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Campbell is Out of 100M

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

veronica.76230023_std But one thing is now sure: Veronica Campbell will not run the 100 metres at the Beijing Olympics. The three athletes who will represent Jamaica are Kerron Stewart, Shelly-Ann Fraser and Sherone Simpson – the first, second and third-placed finishers, respectively, at the National Championships in June.

“There have been no changes to the team,” team manager Ludlow Watts told JamaicaWin.com yesterday in response to the query about Campbell’s possible participation in the 100 metres.

“Unless something unusual happens to one of the other ladies between now and tomorrow (today), that change will not be made.”

Head of delegation Don Anderson made it clear that the track and field officials will make the final selection at a meeting today, but pointed out that at no stage was it ever mooted. “As far as I know, it did not even come up for discussion,” said Anderson.

Campbell, world champion over the distance, was a surprised fourth-placed finisher at Jamaica’s National Championships in June, running 10.88 seconds in one of the most competitive races in history. Stewart ran 10.80, Fraser 10.85 and Simpson 10.87 to take the three top spots.

But there have been calls by a large sector of fans for Campbell-Brown, who usually produces at ‘big’ meets, to replace one of the top three. The JAAA rules states that the top three will be selected for the event, and the fourth-placed finisher selected as the alternative. It further states that the runners would have to maintain competitive form.

This gave a ray of hope to those who harboured dreams of a Campbell-Brown victory on Sunday, as they believed that she, the alternative, would have been entered instead of one of the trio who beat her at the trials. However, all three have run sub-11 seconds in the last two weeks, giving the selectors no opportunity to make changes.

Campbell will therefore defend her individual 200 metres title, as well as form part of Jamaica’s outstanding 400 metres relay team, which won gold four years ago in Athens. She also won a bronze medal in the 100 metres at those Games.

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Sherone Simpson ready to Run!!!!!!

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

57170596 “If I do get my last 20 metres good, I know that I’ll medal in the 100 metres,” Simpson told the Observer   after training at the University of Tianjin on Sunday under the guidance of coach Stephen Francis. Simpson clocked 11.07 to finish sixth in the 100m final at the 28th Olympiad in Athens.

“I’ll be taking it one race (round) at a time. First I’ll deal with the 100 metres, then I’ll look to the 200m, but definitely for both events I’m really looking forward to score (medals) in both events,” added the soft-spoken sprinter.

The Manchester High School alumnus has season best times of 10.87 and 22.11 in the 100m and 200m.

Simpson, who ran the second leg on Jamaica’s winning sprint relay team at the 2004 Athens Games, booked her place on the team to Beijing by clocking 10.87secs and 22.11secs in for third and second in the 100m and 200m, respectively, at the June 27-29 National Championships in Kingston.

“I’m not sure if I’ll be doing both events, but if I do both the 100m and 200m, I think I’m ready and I’m going into the championships to medal. I’ve worked hard for the months, so I do think that my hard work will pay off,” she reasoned.

Ever since Simpson beat world champion Veronica Campbell-Brown by 0.01 of a second in the 100 finals at the national trials debate has been raging over whether the Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association should allow the latter to contest the 100, given her impressive form in the event.

However, the JAAA rules dealing with selection is clear: “Athletes placing in the 1st to 3rd positions in all events will be selected, providing that they have attained the qualifying ‘A’ standard for the competition,” the JAAA website (www.jaaltd.com) states.

World championship finalist, Kerron Stewart, won the 100m in 10.80 ahead of Shelly-Ann Fraser (10.85) and Simpson (10.87).

In 2000, national champion Peta-Gaye Dowdie, who was reportedly nursing an injury, was replaced by Merlene Ottey, who finished fourth in the final. That decision led to an embarrassing protest by some Jamaican athletes at the Games Village in Sydney.

Asked if she is injured, Simpson replied: “No, just soreness, otherwise I’m good,” she affirmed.

In the meantime, Simpson gave the mandatory camp in Tianjin high marks, making special reference to the Jamaican food that was prepared by Novelette Samuels.

“It was wonderful and you know food is very important because for me I have to eat to ensure that I keep up my strength, weight and everything and I must say the people here in Tianjin were very hospitable and we could not have asked for anything more,” she said, noting that the athletes had everything to their comfort.

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