Its all about di big man Asafa. Big respect everytime. Big up all the other track & field men and women from Jamaica keep making the likkle island proud.100mfinals.jpg


28 Responses to “ASAFA POWELL”

  1. pinky said

    the real bigman anybody after that a small fish.
    gwan live it up track house.

  2. Diva said

    Asafa and all the athletes of jamaica should know that we are proud of them and they give us jamaicans a wonderful feeling to be apart so many historic moments.

  3. Diva said

    To all the members of track house i am are proud of you all, wish you the best for the 2007 season.
    Asafa and all you keep injury free.

  4. Dresonic said

    Raspect Diva everytime gwan support di big man and ofcourse spread di link!!

  5. Natalie said

    Nuff resfect goes out to you Asafa and please run left Gay in Beijing,I know you can do it.

    Gold all th way”””””””””””’

  6. Carla said

    Asafa!! There is only one you, and no one else can replace you. You are always and will continue to be my number one athlete, as for Beijing I know defenitely Gold and Silver for Jamaica Tyson’s race at trials was not one for any of our athletes to be worried about.

  7. Vaughn said

    Asafa u a di boss,mi look to u as a role model. U r very humble, and that is wat i want to be. Even though ur record has been broken, i was want u to know say, that peeple r lookin forward to see u get thatgold.Serious ting.I know u cann do it. Wen u r about to run the race (do not think of wat peeple of Jamica may say or wat ur frenz may say,jus go out and execute.And u’ll get that gold. M not shure if u understand wat i meen. B cuz I feel like a little boy jus tellin u wat to do and i am not in ur situation, so i wud not understand. Well i u make me proud and Jamaica proud, wether u come second, first,third, last. Mi respect u truly.

  8. Vaughn said

    If u see this Asafa, jus reply, so that i can know that u got it. pleez it really meens a lot to me. ha ha ha ha u musssy tink mi a idiot now Huh?

  9. Paddyp said

    Sir Asafa, You do make us J’cans feeling really great and happy too.
    Continue to keep the humble spirit and dont be forced into any American way of doing things. Just Jamaican style.
    Keep fit and run for Gold in Beijing.
    We pray for you

  10. Wesley/ Delaware said

    As a proud Jamaican, not only that I pray for more “GOLD”, I wish that you were all from William Knibb Memorial High in Falmouth, Jamaica.

  11. Tanya said

    I think Jamaica’s bringing home 2 medals this time……go for it boys, good luck.

  12. Nicky said

    To all the Jamaican Athletes competing in Bejing. I am so proud of you. You have made Jamaican more beautiful. God Bless!

    Big up Christipher Williams, your family and friends are proud of you!

  13. Chantal said

    Asafa, i know that 100m didnt go as you wanted. Remember the race is not only for the swift but also for who he that endures. You will win a gold medal and you are a champion. Today may have been a sad day for you but use it to achieve your goals.

  14. Mac said

    “Ligthning” BOLT

  15. Mac said

    Usain “Lightning” Bolt a di real big man now! Yah!

  16. Jully said

    Hey Asafa! Jus wana let u know dat despite wat appened i luv u no less than b4. i know u mus feel disappointed, but only u can tell wat really appened. Jus keep confident and positive, forget all the haters, they cant stop u. Ur still my favorite sprinter and will always be. ASAFA…TO DI WORL! (im praying 4 u) Luv u alwayz!!!

  17. liveen said

    you are defeated only when u fall down and refuse to get up.

    have ur pity party but please do not have an extended one. You will run out of guests.

    love u. ur still a winner. enjoy life somemore. ur still young. remember “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

  18. liveen said

    Asafa, you are defeated only when u fall down and refuse to get up.

    have ur pity party but please do not have an extended one. You will run out of guests.

    love u. ur still a winner. enjoy life somemore. ur still young. remember “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”.

  19. Pamela said

    Asafa u did well. U r a true champion and I will never give up on you. U have given us proud moments and u r still my #1. U in the tops ranks. When I saw you burning the tracks to take home “Gold” this morning all I could say is “Thank God” for answering my prayer. U a de best. U r a winner. My Jamaican brother I love you. U r de real big man. Big up to all the others especially Michael Frater, Nesta Carter, Usain Bolt.

  20. TIFFANY said

    ASAFA mi friend tek off.u name a happen dung yah 2 the worl’.mek di little badmin people go weh. u a di greatest n di best.u sell off n mek a profit.nuff lov tiffany

  21. Helen-Ann said


    Great going. I prayed and was grateful for your success.

    You have shown Manhood, and stood the test of time

    and Love

  22. Georgiana said

    Amazing job! How did you do it? You will go far in live
    Thank you for keeping the Jamaican spirit alive! Get more gold now!

  23. Carolece said

    As some would day better than I could have “To the World”
    Our athletes have done us nothing but proud. May goodness and great health stay with all our athletes.

    Blessed Love for Jamaica and Jamaicans.

  24. Mike said

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  25. shamba said

    asafa a yu a di boss guan live up life nice.yu know nuff ratings out de fi yu.chambers now a mi bigga cuz mi affi big him up

  26. Alisha said

    asafa me a luv de way u a run, keep doin ur ting, me luv will always be behind you, me a hope 2 see u at 2012 in real life coz u is one of me biggest fans!!!!!

  27. yattanie said

    I Am truly proud of the Jamaican track and field team, totally amazing. Usain Bolt Asafa Powell, and many more, I am also lookinf forward for the 2011, world championship, not to mention the 2012 Olympics in England I will be there…… Go Jamaica…….

  28. Vivian said

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