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JAMAICA College ended their 33-year drought with a determined come-from-behind 2-1 win over defending champions Bridgeport to lift the Manning Cup schoolboy football title at the National Stadium.

Big up all Jamaica College graduates anyweh unu deh. Patrick seh dat a.k.a Pinky.

68 Responses to “JAMAICA COLLEGE”

  1. yow weh the man them deh a link up yuh nuh blue and white for life

  2. jerome said

    big up all the college man dem J.C a the real school. Jerome A.K.A John “Slave” track & field legend. bless blue flames 4life.

  3. Pinky said

    yow yuh know seh i are the one start this(Bounty Quote) so mi want the man them link up. J.C. for life

  4. Nighty said

    big up color blue!!

  5. vivo said


  6. yow vivo wat a gwan mi link long time nuh see the man just big up yuh self keep on kick it like a ball. mi deh texas still keep the link.

  7. christopher barrett said

    yow mi big up all the college man dem dun know although although mi no deh a yard mi a real color blue fans from in a mi blood straight from out a maryland da one ya a shout out from pinky big up peace out.

  8. christopher barrett said

    yow mi big up all the college man dem dun know although although mi no deh a yard mi a real color blue fans from in a mi blood straight from out a maryland pinky big up peace out.

  9. Andre' aka stiffy said

    yow blue fi life!!!!!!!! jus wanna hail up the jc links

  10. andre AKA twin(cricketer) said

    Yow!! nuff respect to deh college man dem u know blueblood fi life.Mi kno dah a yard but mi dah a England chill.Mi hail up all college man from pass and present.big up tracks man.

  11. biggs aka pully said

    yow i just want to bless up all college man where ever the man dem deh, man like pinky mi bredda ,john slave, bulby, dajue and the whole crew. blue flame for life.

  12. Havok said

    All Hail the Royal Blue, it is evident that we are all hustlers and entrepenours. Other young men from the college in business include us Backyardbeats Entertainment (www.backyardbeats.com) and the owners of Surge Tv. We taking over.

  13. blase said

    yow blase seh big up all college man.all blue n white ladies

    yh pass tru from 2003-2005.

    big up all ah mi doops dem.rrr bak a dat.

    blase real junglist.

  14. blase said

    big up all of ma doops dan-neil, biggz,kevon,thedore(southy),predata,twiny(ramone n romaine) black bear tall head,rushane wilson,kadeem petgrave, martiman,d whole link

    straight outa kingston 12(jungle) nw in b21, birmingham.

    blue n white flag rise high in england

    neva switch
    k.c suk unu mada

  15. yow whe the natt nice man dem deh link up no man big up the present college hoodlums

  16. hutchy said

    yow whe the natt nice man dem deh link up no man big up the present college hoodlums man inna gunchester aka manchester

  17. Great site and interesting reading

  18. Carlos(aka critaz) said

    yo big up all college man, cause we a colege man fi life. class of 1994. BIG UP ALL.

  19. Carlos(aka critaz) said

    I a try find some friends, Coote aka spanky, maggie and Paul Martin and class of 1994. 5 Business 1, 1994 link up at cebigs@hotmail.com

  20. Carlos(aka critaz) said

    Still ina Jamaica, we need a college reunion

  21. kingsley said

    jamaica College 4 lyfe. Any weh inna the world weh the college man them deh the blue linkage still strounge. nuh seh notn

  22. Leroy Headlam said

    Yow a big mi a big up all college man, colour blue the realest college. Pinky, jerome, chris, big up 2003 class.

  23. isaac said

    yow jc all di way colour blue

  24. Raoul said

    Its a blue blue year….big up all college man….one college in Jamaica….Manning Cup and Oliver Shield….all a next JC prime minister….big up class 99….JC TO THE WORLD

  25. tiffanie said

    hey guys wats up just wanna give a shout out to all a ma JC MAN dem wish i was there for champs nd Dcup COLOUR BLUE STR A GHT

  26. tiffanie said

    HEY GUYS WATS UP I just wanna give a shout out to al a ma JC MAN DEM COLOUR BLUE STR A GHT PAPI CHULA

  27. paradyme said

    peewee aka cowbwoy aka suspence/ small pack kru straigt outa cview a seh big up di blue roses gangstas n di real jc man dem inna di 90s big up di yute dem weh drop out n di yute dem weh still a whol it up.a we mek bus driver n ducta fraid fi pik wi up a we build twilight zone….


  29. beast said

    Big up JC…..fe real,,,,,,but yu know the only reason why JC have more manning cup win than KC a because dem and stgc a play it 20 years before KC come about……..congrates and nuff respect

  30. beast said

    KC have most wins in Champs…Schools challenge……cricket…..basketball…..table tennis…and are 3rd in manning….nuff wins in chess…..debate….even swimming and tennis way back in the days…..nuff more events.. Check you facts and show nuff respect to the real BIG SCHOOL ….KC…………Fortis…….remember KC a just 80 something….comparing to JC and STGC who deh bout from in 1700s

  31. beast said

    Check out today’s sports headlines on http://www.jamaicaobserver.com KC beat both JC and Calabar to reach both Senior and Junior Basketball finals………….FORTIS FOREVER.

  32. HENRY said

    big up the college yute dem. 5 Business II, whole 5th form krew. class of 08 to the flipping worl !!!!!

  33. BEAST said

    Nuff congrates to C-bar on winning champs…..JC perfomed well…..KC did great for 2nd place


    Fortis Forever.

  34. BEAST said

    KC won both the Table tennis championship for under 19 and under 16, they had taken a 2 year break after winning the championship for more than a dacade………FORTIS ON THE MOVE AGAIN.

    In Basketball they won under 19 championship, but lost the under 16 title to Ardenne….second in Champs……Give Fortis dem props.

  35. richie said

    Pinky mi bredda yuh large!!! Richie

  36. Dj Pablo said

    Big up to the college man dem J.C. st8t a dat mi say

  37. Khymo said

    JC to di world
    JC A di best school in a Jamaica

  38. All respect given to our high shools in Jamaica. We love to embrace the rivalry between them.As a CBar old boy I like our status we take on both KC & JC and others who wish to challenge. The black and green is the closest to the Jamaican flag, thats why our athletes continue excell beyond high school.If I am not mistaken some of our manning soccer players were recently uprooted to join JC’s team. Can we share your championship too? I must admit K.C has piled on records over the years but they have also attained equal lows not to mention controversy with who else but their greatest nemeses.J.C K.C it doesnt matter CBAR will always be in the mix.

  39. Blue Streak said

    Yow Green is also affiliated with ‘junjo’ and mildew, what’s your point tek weh yuhself green man, never to return! This place is only for JC past and present students. Unu jus nuff!
    Blessed to the JC man dem we continue to rise to greatness in and out of school!

  40. jason mckenzie/pz said

    striaght blue run tru mi vein.a pz this class of 99,dun know seh a weh dun set di trend. wi nave fi wear kalki fi bad wi inna all blue.big up

  41. junior said

    yow hail all jc most wanted u know its 4 the world famous Jamaica college 2 di world a wha do beast a who care bout basketball in Jamaica man go a USA with dat man champs and manning we talk bout in Jamaica.

  42. junior said

    beast how many prime minister kc put out none u a look pon sport alone yute talk up to who we put out Micheal lee chin, Norman Manley, Micheal Manley, Bruce Golding, Dr. pater Phillips dont bright ur self next time and watch the real big school when we a tek over the world.

  43. Beast said

    That’s why Jamdown ina this state now……ah because a JC old boy dem a run de country.

  44. Warren said

    J.C. true blue numba 1 when dem buoy a war we rally back and teck weh bwoy girl J.C. fi life

  45. Warren said

    true blue fi champs 2010 dat me seh big up every tracks man especially the throwers

  46. England said

    JC fi life bless to all true blue, real college man

  47. Congratulations to Jamaica College on another Manning Cup victory number 20.. now let’s get 20 more.. and one Walker cup at least..

  48. $DELLY$ said

    Big up all the college man dem, the real blue.
    JC 2 di worl.

  49. Hastings said

    Bless up to all college man unnu dun kno seh J.C. a di real skool tru blue fi life bigg up to di man 97-2k2

  50. Jacko said

    Collegeman Fi Life……Congrates to Manning Cup Team……….Next Year (2010) a Champs…..Wi a go take it from KC….

  51. Big up all who grace the gates of 189 Old Hope Road. Yu dun know TRUE BLUE FI LIFE!!!

  52. hutchy natt nice said

    yow big up mi bredda dem no the ting global Natt-nice we say

  53. ronald said

    jamaica college a di hottest school in jamaica big up to all jc boys

  54. Chris Clayton AKA Gumz said

    Yow big up to all College man. True Blue Fi Life

  55. Edward T Clarke aka LittleBlacks said

    hope all is well

    i do think that the alumni from the 90’s need to take more pride and interest into the Tru Blue. We all have benefited in some way or form so lets do our part and give something back.

    CONGRATS! to the football and track teams on a successful season “we know we all measure success in different way but to me success is measured by the level of performance that is displayed throughtout the championship and rising to the ocassion and the results will speak volumes”

  56. DJ mad max said

    no day kc can test J.C de hothead school ina jamaica dats why it name JAMAICA COLLEGE(J.C)

  57. Andre' Collins aka Stiffy said

    yow big up all the fervet man them, especially who attended between 2000 and 2008, balla the and tracks man them this is Andre Collins aka Stiffy. keep bless bros, keep the linkage!!!!

    • Dresonic said

      yea mi boi introduce you to the track thing and you a gwan mad now. keep you head high blue for life…

      • Andre' Collins aka Stiffy said

        yea man!!! you, romaine gordon, david powell and big coach john mair introduce me to the thing and u already know, no turning back. you ago proud man!!!!

  58. rathid a browse me a browse a see this, jah kno me memba d dayz wen man like pinky come tax me class… raw… good days

  59. jessica said

    big up jamican mon

  60. daniel baker aka bandy said

    , fervet till the end ohhh

  61. Free RP said

    Hi my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include approximately all significant infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

  62. Daddy T said

    Big up all Jamaica College man str8 ! Repin 1996-2001, Pink Panther love the moves youth……its a honour to be a Jamaica College old boy …colour blue fi life….. Spaz crew from dem time deh big up

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