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Watch Free Television From Your Computer….Its True!!!

Posted by Dresonic on May 23, 2007

Have you ever thought of doing something with out paying for it…??? Well of course you do, you’re only from earth where life is hard and there is a short on money!!! Well dresonic got you covered. I have used crappy services in the past to try and bypass the inevitable which is of course watching TV in the hall or on my brand new iphone…ok maybe I went over board with the iphone thing but point being I wanted a way to stop watching TV on TV on start watching in the leisure of my comfy chair. Enough pussyfooting around let mi get to the point.

For Free TV try  TVU its a free download which is one of the better ones i’ve seen. Channels include SPike TV, COmedy CEntral, SCI-FI and Nickalonean to name a few.

For TV on demand get JOOST which is almost open to the public and is also a free download. You will need an invite, you can email me if you need one im giving them away for free.

For the JAMAICANS who want to watch TVJ and CVM TV email me and I will send a link to you.

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‘Spider-Man 3’ Box Office Bodes Well for Summer

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007

“Spider-Man 3,” the latest in the blockbuster series starring Tobey Maguire, set an exuberant tone for Hollywood’s summer season, beating box-office records for its opening day and the weekend that followed, domestically and internationally.

The movie, directed by Sam Raimi, took in an estimated $148 million in domestic ticket sales in its opening weekend, including $59 million when it opened on Friday, according to box-office tracking companies like Screenline and Media by Numbers. Both figures broke the records held by “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.”

“Spider-Man 3” broke records around the world too, as it opened abroad even before hitting screens in the United States, underscoring the rising dominance of international markets. The film took in an estimated $227 million in 105 foreign countries, outstripping the previous record-holder, “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith.”

“It’s the biggest opening ever in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Italy, Mexico and Brazil,” said Jeff Blake, Sony’s chairman for worldwide marketing and distribution, adding that the film broke records in 26 countries. “It justifies the expense of a franchise picture like this. And I think it’s a great sign for the summer.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Final Spider-Man 3 trailer

Posted by Dresonic on April 15, 2007

Yeah .. a little off-topic but to easen up a boring no-news day it’s good I guess. Movie-List has posted a third full trailer for Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man 3, featuring more footage from the anticipated film, opening in conventional theaters and IMAX on May 4. This trailer debuted in theaters with 300 on March 9, but never made its way online until now.

Enjoy, because there won’t be any more full length trailers for Spidey 3. What does it have? Why a little more of Tobey in the black suit of course. The trailer’s name is subtly titled, “The Venom Within.”

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Remember This- Smooth Criminal,Billie Jean & BAD

Posted by Dresonic on March 5, 2007

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Watch 300 seconds of 300

Posted by Dresonic on March 5, 2007


If you are outside US you might not be able to watch it, but for those who are here feast on it before the movie comes out this weekend.

300 is one of the most awaited movies of the year for a number of reasons but most importantly the super slick trailer that has been doing rounds of the internet for last 5 months or so.

Watch the 5 minutes of movie here

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Rattling the Comic Book Cage

Posted by Dresonic on February 22, 2007

Pointing out that Ghost Rider is not very good seems like a fool’s exercise, especially now. After all, it’s easy to decry the messenger, especially when a movie’s Presidents’ Day weekend release generates a record-setting gross of $51.5 million. Still, the subgenre of comic book adaptations needn’t automatically lend itself to critical derision, as the warm critical embrace of the Spider-Man films, Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot or even the more mixed but passionate critics’ defenses of graphic novel flicks like V For Vendetta and Sin City fittingly demonstrate. This is all to say that I went into the film with an open mind this weekend, alongside a chattering and primed general audience. I genuinely love me some Nicolas Cage – even in tony dreck – and though I was lukewarm on Daredevil, writer-director Mark Steven Johnson’s previous film, I’d heard good things about the extended cut he was allowed to release on DVD, and how that fleshed out some of the story points in interesting fashion.

Columbia Pictures Photo
Originally slated for Summer of ’06

A surprise and disappointment then, to wade through Ghost Rider, a glossy, big-budget affair that in almost every significant way behind the camera – and in more than a few ways in front of it – feels like both a fatally compromised and hopelessly amateurish production. This is the type of film for which the actors involved carefully describe it in press junkets and interviews as “a lot of fun” rather than good; they talk about how much they enjoyed making it instead of how they’re proud of it. The story centers on young circus stuntman Johnny Blaze, who as a teenager makes a deal with Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) in order to cure his father of cancer. Because he’s such a wily trickster, the devil makes momentarily good on his promise, only to then promptly turn around and kill the old man in a fiery (slow-motion, naturally) accident. Lacking the wherewithal or ability to summon Johnny Cochran to argue semantics, Blaze resigns himself to the notion that the devil will at some point come a-callin’ with a favor, something the devil drives home by touching Blaze, which gives him, seemingly, really bad indigestion. Cut to several years later. All grown up, Blaze (now Cage) has gone on to achieve celebrity as a death-defying motorcycle showman. No one knows about his curse-in-waiting, least of all reporter Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes), the woman that teenaged Johnny spurned in theory to protect. All that changes when the devil calls in his chit and Johnny morphs into a flaming-skulled bounty hunter of rogue demons.

Columbia Pictures Photo
No chemistry whatsoever

His quarry: the devil’s power-hungry son, Blackheart (Wes Bentley), who’s hell-bent (ha!) on collecting a contract of mythic proportions that will apparently allow him to supplant his father. Aiding Blaze and providing the audience with chunky passages of grizzled exposition is the mysterious Caretaker (Sam Elliott, doing an impression of himself doing an impression of Kris Kristofferson). Set in Texas but shot in Australia, Ghost Rider feels far more anonymous than dustily iconic. Courtesy of its state-of-the-art flaming skull effects – which leave behind the now-laughable melting faces of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – the movie provides a few fleeting moments of goofball entertainment, though they’re far between and none can really be charitably described as satisfyingly cathartic or, for the most part, even intentional. Why does Mephistopheles not take a more proactive role in the power struggle with his son? Or why has the devil not used his highly skilled minion to procure this important contract – given its power via buy-in-bulk souls – in the intervening years? And just prior to the final showdown, why does the Caretaker spring to life, only to join Blaze for a ride across the desert and then tell him that’s as far as he can go, that that’s all he can do? Who knows, really. In Ghost Rider, massive story incongruities are merely shrugged off, over and over.

Columbia Pictures Photo
Co-star Wes Bentley

In their stead, Cage gives another loose-limbed, zonked-out hero performance, amusingly channeling a smidgen of Elvis in a few scenes. To his great credit, he knows what kind of movie he’s in, and certainly enlivens almost every scene he graces, including an interrogation in which he blithely calls out the “good cop-bad cop” of the duo questioning him. The problem is, even though he’s the lead, and thus in most of the movie, almost every scene around him feels saggy and irrelevant. And if Cage is fun to watch, his chemistry with Mendes is nonexistent. It doesn’t help, certainly, that the woefully under-sketched Roxanne isn’t an intrepid reporter out for a scoop, she just blandly exists, popping up whenever Blaze needs to feel something or be goaded into some sort of action. Lest one mistake this all merely for buzz-kill critical pooh-poohing, it should be noted that the fan-boy bathroom chatter after the screening trended at least 3:1 against the movie, roughly in line with the movie’s aggregate Rotten Tomatoes score. “Jesus…” one goateed chap sporting a Green Lantern T-shirt said to his friend. “Well, what did you expect, really?” came the reply. They seemed to object most to Ghost Rider’s penchant for hammy obviousness, as evidenced by something like a scene early in the movie, when Mephistopheles first propositions Blaze. “What, do you run a show?” Blaze asks, perfectly setting the devil up for the response, “The greatest show on Earth.” OK, fine. On the nose, certainly, but winkingly in step with its demographic. Johnson’s Ghost Rider, though, doesn’t stop there. He holds on Fonda’s leering grin for a long beat, then inserts some overtly sinister lightning and a clap of thunder, and then, ladling on the blatancy like a cheap cologne, cuts to a close-up of the devil’s skull cane. Thanks, we get it. Now can we have some of that $51.5 million back?

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Billy Bob Thornton Interview, The Astronaut Farmer

Posted by Dresonic on February 22, 2007


Q: So when I interviewed you for the School for Scoundrels the best quote I got from you was that they’re releasing the Billy Bob Thornton assh*le collection on DVD, so was it a refreshing change for you to go back to what you’ve done in the past and play somebody who was less assh*le like?

Billy Bob: Yeah, the fact of the matter is that I’d done two or three of those comedies in a row since Bad Santa and it was fun and I enjoyed it but I think that’s plenty. I have the one coming out that I’ve made already called Mr. Woodcock and I think that’s going to be probably it for at least a few years, you know, because you want to go and do other things. And I knew that I was going to do a drama next but I figured it was going to be more like A Simple Plan or Sling Blade or something like that. I didn’t realize that I was going to get this gem sat in my lap and it’s the type of movie that I’ve wanted to do really since I was young. I think every actor wants to have their, like for me it’s Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart or whatever and this was that movie for me. It was my Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonRead the rest of this entry »

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Tom Cruise And Ben Stiller To Star in New Comedy

Posted by Dresonic on February 7, 2007


Los Angeles (eCanadaNow) – Tom Cruise is to star in a detective comedy with Ben Stiller, it has been claimed.

The action hero will allegedly star alongside Stiller in an updated version of the classic comedy novels ‘The Hardy Boys’, called ‘The Hardy Men’. The movie sees the eternal teenagers finally grown up, but still up to their old tricks.

Production for the film, directed by Shawn Levy, is due to begin in October.
Levy also directed Stiller’s latest box office hit ‘Night At The Museum’ as well as ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’.

Cruise reportedly met Stiller to discuss starring in the comedian’s latest project ‘Tropic Thunder’ – mocking the ‘Mission: Impossible’ trilogy, in which Cruise starred as Ethan Hunt. However, Cruise will not be involved in this project.

The ‘Top Gun’ star is said to see comedy as a way to rebuild his career after a run of negative publicity.

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Derivative ‘Smokin’ Aces’ packed with sleazy characters

Posted by Dresonic on January 25, 2007


“Smokin’ Aces” is so obviously derivative of Guy Ritchie’s bloody, hyperkinetic style of ensemble crime flick, it could have been called “Lock, Stock and Two Smokin’ Aces.”

Writer-director Joe Carnahan also channels Quentin Tarantino and Tony Scott with his hip dialogue and high body count. Which is a shame, because Carnahan clearly has the capability of establishing a voice of his own: his previous films include the intelligent, vastly superior detective drama “Narc” from 2002.

But amid all the freakish and sadistic hit men (and women) converging on Lake Tahoe for the $1-million prize to assassinate magician Buddy (Aces) Israel, it’s impossible to care about or root for a single one of them. They’re all such self-consciously two-dimensional villains – and that especially extends to Israel himself, played by Jeremy Piven with an obnoxious mix of coked-up bravado and bleary-eyed paranoia. (By now we are fully aware that the “Entourage” star has mastered fast-talking arrogance and abuse. He seriously needs to show us he can do something else.) Read the rest of this entry »

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