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Inside Apple: Stomping on Vista; iPhone Launch Crisis

Posted by Dresonic on May 10, 2007

With roughly one month to go, speculation is ramping up concerning the announcements Apple will make at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The company confirmed in early May that CEO Steve Jobs will once again deliver the keynote address at what has become Apple’s major mid-year platform for launching products. Think Secret sources report Apple will announce an official ship date for the iPhone at WWDC—some time in the second half of June—and the company is expected to start accepting pre-orders for the hotly anticipated item following the keynote on June 11.

n preparation for the release, sources report Cingular personnel have been conducting extensive network tests in each Apple retail store in an effort to ensure the iPhone is demonstrated in the best light possible.

Cingular, as the only U.S. carrier of the iPhone, is presumably performing network upgrades where necessary so that its service functions at the highest level possible in the stores. The company expects the iPhone to create “the biggest selling period [Cingular has] seen in a few years”, according to an internal memo circulated to employees that also noted no employee vacation requests would be approved from June 15 through July 15 to ensure adequate staff is on hand during the initial roll-out. The iPhone will only be available through the Apple Web site, Apple retail stores, and Cingular-owned retail stores, the companies have previous said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Zune better than the iPod…

Posted by Dresonic on January 21, 2007

There is or should I say there was a rumor that was flying around the internet like super man claiming a position that was clearly irreclaimable by anything….any guess? Yes the iPod spot in the race of the portable players. Now there is still a rumor that is flying around that there is substantial evidence to this claim. “I laugh in the face of danger rrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!” sorry for the simba’s quote in the lion king but I do laugh. Anyways I guess it comes down to Bill vs Steve, so lets get ready to rumble!

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