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Musical Spotlight – Click Picture For Free Music Give Away! Become a RuguNation Fan today!Nat

Posted by Dresonic on April 3, 2010

One of the many things I like to see are young people doing something positive with their lives. The musical combination RuguNation is just that. RuguNation is a musical group started by two college students a.k.a Versatyle and Price who have a strong love for music. You can listen to their music here. They are not your everyday musical talent they are beyond the norm. The songs that I have heard are of a great variety and I can tell you they are promising. Don’t take my word for it listen and be your own judge. If you like what you hear then become a fan and support our young talents, we need more youths to tap into their potential and think positive for the future ahead. “Music is the weapon of the future”

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Bob Marley is not the greatest musician – Buju

Posted by Dresonic on April 27, 2009

Recording artiste Buju Banton says that Bob Marley is not the greatest Jamaican musician and that this fixation on the reggae icon has hurt the growth of the music.

Banton… I want Jamaican music to be seen not through the pretext of some man that died 20 years ago

Banton respects Marley’s music but argued that calling him the greatest logically implies that no better can follow.

“I want Jamaican music to be seen not through the pretext of some man that died 20 years ago, but as a pretext of a living being, working earnestly. If man cannot do what others have done in these times we might as well die,” he told a mixed crowd at the launch of Rasta Got Soul, his new album, at the University of the West Indies on Thursday. “You know they say that the greatest musician in Jamaica is Bob Marley. I don’t believe that, because we have greater musicians to come. Bob was the most promoted, and well promoted and we have to appreciate that because its our culture but don’t kill our culture with one living one. Enough is Enough.”

Currently Bob Marley’s album Legend continues to top iTunes reggae charts in every major reggae market except Japan, even as Mavado, Banton and Jah Cure released new albums this month. Downloaders in 19 of the 22 listed countries are buying Marley’s 1984 album above any other reggae album on iTunes, arguably the Internet’s most popular online music store. These online sales will add to the album’s sales which have surpassed 20 million. Comparatively, the average reggae album sells some 5,000 units worldwide.

Bob Marley

Banton’s comments received claps from the crowd. He then evidenced his point with reference to Marley’s sons who receive the brunt of the comparisons. “Bob had nine sons, allow the youths to be who they are destined to be, because once you do that they automatically fade away. Don’t line me up with anybody. Don’t parallel me and then you find you kill I. I can learn from the great ones and can learn by the wheel, but I don’t want to be that someone who you only see in that shadow,” said Banton who had been compared to Marley with his 1995 release Til Shiloh.

That album had songs in the reggae folk tradition with Untold Stories being its classic hit. Even 14 years after the release it’s frequently compared with Marley’s Redemption Song. Til Shiloh had set the standard for subsequent Banton releases, but Banton has been torn between two lovers: dancehall and reggae. But on his new 15 track album both genres are included. Banton released Reggae Got Soul via his own record label Gargamel Music Inc, via a Tommy Boy distribution deal.

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New Hit Single from Rugu Nation – Versatyle & Price

Posted by Dresonic on April 21, 2008

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Posted by Dresonic on February 6, 2008















Today Jamaicans celebrate the birthday of the late Bob Marley. His influence has left the world in a frenzy as he was a great trend setter and leader on the musical mission. Bob Marley was one of Reggae’s most outlandish patriots and he stands today in memory for his accomplishments. Jamaica would not be the great island today if not for outstanding achievements of its greatest people, Bob Marley stands strong in this category. The legacy left behind by Bob Marley will forever live on as long as Reggae music is a live. So for today let us all say a big “happy birthday” to Bob Nesta Marley!!!!

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Bob Marley In Concert

Posted by Dresonic on February 8, 2007

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Bob Marley on satellite radio XM remembers Bob Marley as part of Black History Month (Happy Brithday To You Bob)

Posted by Dresonic on February 6, 2007



Now they gone off on their ego trip/Blast off on their space ship/ Million miles from reality/ Don’t care for you, don’t care for me
– Bob Marley, So Much Trouble

He may have once hit out against space travel (or more specifically, the disproportionate funds spent on it compared to social causes), but this year, reflections on the life and music of the late reggae king Bob Marley will echo beyond the stratosphere and back as XM Satellite radio network hosts a five-hour Bob Marley Birthday celebration on February 8, in The Joint, with presenter Dermot Hussey.

Bunny Wailer, sole survivor of the legendary group, recounts some of their colourful history, along with some of the best of their early work. Also The Art Of Bob Marley, by acclaimed poet Kwame Dawes, looks in detail at Marley’s lyrical prowess. The programmme also features a tribute to Bob Marley by American guitarist, Bub Robert.

Other XM Black History month features will put the spotlight on Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit (about the lynching of Black Americans) trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, singers Natalie Cole and Al Jarreau and Myrlie Evers, the widow of slain NAACP leader Medgar Evers.

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Marley’s sons plan concert to mark 62nd anniversary of his birth

Posted by Dresonic on January 31, 2007

Four of Bob Marley’s sons will hold a concert promoting peace to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the reggae superstar’s birth, a family spokesman said Tuesday.

The Smile Jamaica concert will be held Feb. 10 at Marley’s birthplace at Nine Miles in St. Ann parish, spokesman Jerome Hamilton said.

Bob Marley is shown in a 1979 file photo. His sons will reprise his Smile Jamaica concert aimed at restoring peace between rival gangs. Bob Marley is shown in a 1979 file photo. His sons will reprise his Smile Jamaica concert aimed at restoring peace between rival gangs.
(Associated Press)

Marley, famous for hits such as No Woman, No Cry and I Shot the Sheriff, succumbed to cancer in 1981 at age 36. He was given a state funeral and buried with his guitar at Nine Mile, which has become a popular tourist spot.

The concert reprises a famous 1976 peace concert, also called Smile Jamaica, staged by Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley to promote harmony between politically aligned gangs.

Marley, who was recovering from gunshot wounds in an assassination attempt, was only supposed to play one song, but ended up playing for 90 minutes with his legendary band The Wailers.

During the concert, he got Manley and political rival Eddy Seaga to shake hands on stage.

Stephen Marley and his brothers Ky-Mani, Damian and Julian, will participate in the 2007 concert, but Ziggy Marley, a former member of the Melody Makers and the most famous of Marley’s children, cannot attend. Marley’s widow, Rita, also is expected to attend.

“They are trying to push a message of peace although it won’t be as hard-core as when Bob did it,” Hamilton said.

Jamaica is still plagued by gang violence.

The concert falls in Bob Marley Week, a celebration of the singer’s birth on Feb. 6, 1945, held annually in Jamaica.

In 2005, Marley’s 60th birthday celebration was held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. Marley was a member of Rasta, the religious movement that reveres former Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.

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Bob Marley Week

Posted by Dresonic on January 20, 2007

Jamaica is a small, beautiful island that has been plagued with hard, violent times. No doubt, blessed with talent and man-power, Jamaica is struggling to keep our people’s head above water, and let peace, love and unity reign. So to take a step further towards that ultimate goal, Ghetto Youths International is presenting, “Smile Jamaica”.

Smile Jamaica is a live-band concert scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 10, during Bob Marley week (Sunday, February 4 – Sunday, February 11). It takes place in Bob Marley’s birthplace at Nine Miles, St. Ann. Already confirmed to appear are: The Marley Brothers (Stephen, Ky-Mani, Julian and Damian), Cocoa Tea, Bounty Killa, Perfect, Chezidek, Wayne Marshall and Etana.

This should be a momentous occasion as this is the first time that these four Marley Brothers will be performing on the same stage in Jamaica. They will do their own sets and will definitely bring a different vibe to the island.

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