Ps3 vs 360

Posted by Dresonic on January 21, 2007

It can be disputed and even taken to court that the 360 has and edge over the slick and sexy Ps3 that has been a superstar for the makers and a hater for the consumers. No Really, forking out 20 bucks is hard enough to buy food at walmart much more buying a piece of plastic for $700 bucks. Sony wake up and smell the coffee or tea…what ever it is you guys over at sony are drinking wake up and smell it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Zune better than the iPod…

Posted by Dresonic on January 21, 2007

There is or should I say there was a rumor that was flying around the internet like super man claiming a position that was clearly irreclaimable by anything….any guess? Yes the iPod spot in the race of the portable players. Now there is still a rumor that is flying around that there is substantial evidence to this claim. “I laugh in the face of danger rrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!” sorry for the simba’s quote in the lion king but I do laugh. Anyways I guess it comes down to Bill vs Steve, so lets get ready to rumble!

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Bob Marley Week

Posted by Dresonic on January 20, 2007

Jamaica is a small, beautiful island that has been plagued with hard, violent times. No doubt, blessed with talent and man-power, Jamaica is struggling to keep our people’s head above water, and let peace, love and unity reign. So to take a step further towards that ultimate goal, Ghetto Youths International is presenting, “Smile Jamaica”.

Smile Jamaica is a live-band concert scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 10, during Bob Marley week (Sunday, February 4 – Sunday, February 11). It takes place in Bob Marley’s birthplace at Nine Miles, St. Ann. Already confirmed to appear are: The Marley Brothers (Stephen, Ky-Mani, Julian and Damian), Cocoa Tea, Bounty Killa, Perfect, Chezidek, Wayne Marshall and Etana.

This should be a momentous occasion as this is the first time that these four Marley Brothers will be performing on the same stage in Jamaica. They will do their own sets and will definitely bring a different vibe to the island.

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Posted by Dresonic on January 18, 2007

My friend is selling a LG Chocolate for $25,000 Ja. Contact me for further information.

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