Veronica Campbell-Brown says world record for women out of reach

Posted by Dresonic on August 27, 2008

20080826T230000-0500_139537_OBS_OUT_OF_REACH_1Reigning Olympic 200-metres champion Veronica Campbell-Brown believes female sprinters will continue to play second fiddle to the men until someone gets close to or breaks Florence Griffith-Joyner’s  world records.

Before a capacity crowd inside the Bird’s Nest Stadium last week, the Jamaican ran her heart out to clock a personal best of 21.74 seconds and defend her Olympic half-lap title, but was still a long way off the 20-year-old world record.

Her fellow countryman Usain Bolt was the highlight of the Olympics, blazing the track to set new world records in the 100 metres and 200 metres events.

“It’s a touchy subject, but if I should be honest, I really believe men get more attention in this sport,” Campbell-Brown told the broadcast media here. “It’s based on the fact that the world record in the 100m and 200m for men is reachable.

“For me, my PRs (personal records) are 10.85 and 21.74, which I just accomplished here and I only ran that once. It is hard for me to even think about the world record.”

Griffith-Joyner’s records are considered two of the most out-of-reach marks in track and field to date.

Michael Johnson’s previous 200 metres world record of 19.32 seconds was also once seen as impossible also until Bolt lowered it by .02 second in a headwind.

Campbell-Brown, however, said she believed Flo-Jo’s records were beyond her.

“It is beyond my reach. The [200m] world record is 21.34 and the 100m record is 10:49. How many females have even run 10.6 in the past 20 years since Flo Jo set that record?” Campbell-Brown contended.

“It’s disappointing to not get the respect that the males do because they are capable of breaking the record and people are excited to see them run because they know the possibility of breaking the record is close. I don’t have that luxury, and a lot of my competitors don’t have that luxury right now.”


3 Responses to “Veronica Campbell-Brown says world record for women out of reach”

  1. Paulette said

    I think that Ms. Campbell-Brown is looking at the glass as half-empty. I don’t think women are ‘second fiddle’ to men in sprinting. You can’t compare women to men – that’s like comparing oranges to apples.

    You have to compare women to women and men to men, period.

    Flo Jo was dynamic. Even if Flo Jo’s record is never broken if Brown continues to do her best and win all her events she will be just as celebrated. She doesn’t have to break world records to be hyped. She just has to dominate her events.

    I think that’s what Bolt has done – dominate his events. Even if he did not break the WRs he still would be celebrated because of his dominance.

    Michael Jordan did not win every NBA championship but he was celebrated because of his dominance. Muhammad Ali did not win every fight but he dominated. Lisa Leslie does not win every game in the WNBA but she dominates.

    If Brown is winning more than everyone else even if she’s not breaking records she will be seen as illustrious, notable and distinguished.

    Brown has to focus on her ‘game’ and dominate her events and she will receive all the accolades and respect she feels she’s not receiving.

  2. Charmaine said

    I can truly understand Browns comment keeping in mind that the faster lady at that time Evelyn Ashley (hope that name is right) couldnt even compete with Florence (wonder why?)Olympic time.
    However I am grateful for the word of encouragement Paulette have given to Browns comment. Continue to work her best doing so truthfully and clean and whats in the past that is in the dark will come to light and all will get their hard work justice.

  3. Dapparo said

    “Queen Vee” as she is affectionately call in Jamaica is a true champion in every sense of the word personally i’ve had the pleasure of watching her compete from junior days and one thing that i know whenever she represents Jamaica or any other institution she give’s 100% especially for her country. Winning the World Indoor 100m is evidence of this unbeatable spirit that she so eloquently display a real professional….Jamaica is blessed with so many great champions she is definitely one of my favourite and possible the country’s most decorated athlete at present although Usain is rising fast like water in a sinking boat.

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