Bolt & Powell tested 11, 13 times this year, says IAAF

Posted by Dresonic on August 21, 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competed in the 200-metre Olympic final yesterday, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track & field federation (IAAF).

Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee – including three blood tests – ince he arrived to China, Davies said.

Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track & field athletes included in the IAAF’s targeted testing programme.

The IAAF spends US$2 million to US$3 million annually on the programme, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programmes get tested frequently.

Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year – six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.

Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes’ blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.

Bolt’s and Powell’s results “look OK,” Davies said. “If it didn’t, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that.”


4 Responses to “Bolt & Powell tested 11, 13 times this year, says IAAF”

  1. Skeptical said

    I don’t care how many times they have been tested, if I remember, Marion Jones and Tim Montogomery never failed a test either. The most ridiculous of all of the sprint champions is Shelly Ann Frazer who has never amounted to much of anything on a world level. I’m pretty skeptical when people run a full second faster that they did just a year ago.

  2. andrea said

    why can’t the skeptics believe that the jamaicans who trained in jamaica have raw talent? they don’t even have the money for proper equipment or facilities much to buy dope. first of all, the wouldn’t have been able to return home after the shame and disgrace they would have brought upon the ppl of jamaica. jamaicans do not like to be embarassed on the world stage. the musicians in jamaica would have a song ready for them when he/she comes off the plane. maybe if the skeptics understand the culture of jamaica then they would understand. track and field is in our blood from conception. there is competition at the school level from preschool to colleges and universities. so many athletes have used drugs in the past in order to achieve victory that it now seems unbelievable if an athlete succeeds without it.the jamaicans have been robbed too many times in the past by the likes of marion jones and justin gatlin. even carl lewis have tested positive before, except he blames it on cough syrup or something like that. come on ppl, get over it and let the jamaicans be. i dont hear anyone saying that michael phelps and the other swimmers, sanya richards(jamaican born)or the kenyans take dope. let the jamaicans be. ppl are just jealous. don’t forget, jamaica was always referred to as the sprint capital of the world. come on haters, get over it and let us celebrate.

  3. Dresonic said

    I must disagree with Skeptical and agree with Andrea. Jamaica has been robbed so many times of the glory and respect that we truly deserve. I still don’t know why people can’t believe Jamaicans are naturally talented. We been training from wi young wen mama a wap yu skin wid tambourine switch, yu betta run:).

    The thing is half of the people who are “chatting dem mouth” have never been to Jamaica to see the type of livity we go true so track and field is a way to overcome the problems of our sweet country and unite.But like the late Garnet Silk said, “talk dem a talking but we go keep dem talking” Listen, no one questions any other country when they succeed but as Jamaica does well its a problem all of a sudden.

    I only have one question to ask and that is: what took us so long to show the world we are not playing anymore. I guest it 3 World Records finally got their attention.

  4. Jamaica top track star

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