Bolt breaks world record in 100m, Asafa Fails for Gold – Bitter Sweet for Jamaicans

Posted by Dresonic on August 16, 2008

Bolts 9.69
Bolt’s 9.69

It was pandemonium at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when our born and bread Usain Bolt broke the world record which is also his record in the 100m, after jogging a sub 10 in the semi-finals bolt delivered the goods in the final round. Bolt ran a phenomenal time of 9.69 seconds (no wind aided times here) to take gold in fine style. Evidently there was no competition for the tall sprinter and there was no one who showed any type of threat. Coming up through the rounds Bolt remained relaxed while keeping his composure and not forgetting his number one goal which is to compete. Dresonic watched all other competitors but only one conclusion could be made, BOLT.

On the other hand Asafa Powell former world record holder delivered a disappointed performance in the 100m finals. Dresonic did not see this coming and I know the world did not see this coming either, the worse I was expecting from Asafa was to get the silver medal. Asafa is among the favorites here at Dresonic and it would have been lovely to see the matured sprinter take the gold in the 100m. This performance brings flashbacks from the 2004 Olympics and if i may, it was not a wonderful moment. Tyson Gay failed to leave the semi-finals which was no surprise since he is nursing a hamstring injury. Anyway Asafa failed to delivery the goods again at a “major competition” another Olympics. Asafa has not gotten any gold at any major world staged event, people always say Asafa has a mental problem when he is at big meets but I say its more than a mental problem, its also the unprecedented pressure he is under by the world to win. I must I am very heart broken that Asafa wont get another chance to get the gold, lets be realistic Asafa’s time is nearly over as there are more young sprinters going 9.

All in all Asafa, Frater, and Bolt has done Jamaica proud but and I don’t think there is a better performance that we could have dreamed of that could compare to what Bolt accomplished. Dresonic salutes our Athletes in Beijing. Big Up Asafa and Bolt.

Asafa We Still Love You as you brought pride to us all as Jamaicans over the ye



3 Responses to “Bolt breaks world record in 100m, Asafa Fails for Gold – Bitter Sweet for Jamaicans”

  1. Lets not close the curtains on Asafa Yet im sure hell do himself and all Jamaicans proud in the relays….Asafa we still love you and think you are one of the fastest men alive “yu faster than truck n bike.This was just not to be….Hold up your head yuh afi wi bwoy nuh matta wah.”

  2. Dresonic said

    I too think that we should not deal wid Asafa badly because he didn’t get a medal in Beijing. He just has to rise to the occasion when duty calls. People who are athletes can relate to Asafa.

    Lets not allow this moment to discredit all that Asafa has done for us all as Jamaica.

    Before there was Bolt there was Asafa and before there was Asafa there was Frater. lets not forget that people rise and fall in track and field.

  3. first class track star

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