Asafa Confident for 100M

Posted by Dresonic on August 13, 2008

20080813T000000-0500_139008_OBS_ASAFA_TALKS_TOUGH_1 Powell started favourite on both occasions, but faded to fifth and third, respectively, earning the reputation of a choker.
However, the former record-holder told the Observer he is ready to deliver on his talent as he goes up against new record-holder and compatriot, Usain Bolt, and defending world champion, American Tyson Gay.

“This time around I’m just trying to forget  about the glamour and all the things of the Olympic Games and just focus on running that one race on the track, and that’s the final,” Powell said.

“I want to get through all the rounds and when I get to the final just think of it as just another race and forget about what is going to happen after by just focusing on winning and executing properly,” the 24-year-old former record-holder reasoned.


Frater. has been working well in training

His coach Stephen Francis believes that the sprinter, who has recorded a staggering 39 sub-10 clockings in his short career, will come good in Beijing.

“I don’t want to go around saying what kind of time you expect, but I believe that Asafa has the goods this year to win the 100 metres,” Francis said. “He is in excellent shape and I suspect that with the adjustments we have made this year to ensure that he is able to perform throughout the entire Olympics, then I think that he’s going to show how good he really is,” the coach added.20080813T000000-0500_139008_OBS_ASAFA_TALKS_TOUGH_2

Powell has exhibited good form in the run-up to these Summer Games, winning his last three races (9.88secs) in Stockholm, (9.94secs) in London and (9.82secs) in Monaco, having recovered from a shoulder injury sustained while lifting weighs in the gym in April.

“I’m just real confident, a lot more determined, a lot more focused on getting stuff done, this year I’m more ready than ever,” declared Powell, indicating that Jamaica could sweep the medals. “We can finish one, two, three in the 100m because Michael (Frater) running well and he’s looking very confident,” he added.

The race is expected to go down to the wire between Powell and Bolt, who clocked 9.72 in May to better his previous world record of 9.74, and Gay, who clocked 9.77secs win his Olympic trials.

“I would say the only chance anyone has of beating me (in Beijing) is probably getting out in front of me. That’s the only chance anybody has of beating me right now,” the sprinter said.

The Men’s 100 metres is scheduled to begin on August 15 (tomorrow night local time), the first day of the track & field competition at the 91,000-capacity Bird’s Nest Stadium.

In the meantime, Powell is hoping for smooth baton exchanges as Jamaica seek to become the first Caribbean team to win the Men’s sprint relay.

“We are not perfect (because) we should have been practising from way back in April or January, so right now we are kind of rushing things last minute,” he said.

“Last year we did the same thing and messed up all the baton exchanges and ran 37 (seconds). This year we have a stronger team and we can win that final very easily if we don’t mess up the exchanges that much,” he said.


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