Beijing 2008 – Usain Bolt Q&A

Posted by Dresonic on July 1, 2008

A question and answer session with world 100 metre record holder and Puma poster boy Usain Bolt.

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The Jamaican 200 metre specialist surprisingly broke compatriot Asafa Powell‘s 9.74 second record with a 7.72 run on May 31st and, ahead of a potential Olympic showdown with double world champion Tyson Gay in Beijing, he spoke of his sporting hero and love of Jamaican food.

Q. What’s the best stadium in the World to run in?

A. Jamaica Stadium

Q. Did you have a sprint hero you looked up to growing up?

A. Michael Johnson

Q. Who is the greatest sprinter of all-time?

A. Michael Johnson

Q. What’s the most impressive sprint performance ever?

A. Michael Johnson’s 200m world record

Q. If you weren’t a track star what would you be?

A. A cricketer

Q. What’s the proudest moment in Jamaican sprinting history?

A. Asafa Powell’s world record run of 9.74

Q. Besides the competition, what are you looking forward to most in Beijing?

A. Probably the food

Q. What do you normally eat during training? Can you describe your average breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A. Breakfast – Dumplings, yams & cooked green bananas; Lunch – nothing special, it varies; Dinner – Rice & chicken/pork/beef etc

Q. If you were to indulge in a guilty pleasure, what would you eat?


Q. Do you have any speciality dishes or typically Jamaican dishes that you love?

A. I like all Jamaican food

Q. Do you think you will win Olympic gold?

A. Yes

Q. Does the BALCO affair upset you as the public have suspicions against sprinters?

A. It does not affect me, I try to focus on my own running and lead by example.

Q. What do you think the 100m world record will be in 20 years time?

A. Difficult to say, it is improving all the time.

Q. How often do you train? Will this change between now and pre-race time in Beijing?

A: 5 times per week on track, 3 times in the gym – it will stay the same except when I am racing.

Q. What is your training regime? How much time do you spend in the gym, lifting weights and on track?

A. See above – on average each session lasts 2.5 hours.

Q. Do you have concerns about the heat and humidity in Beijing? Are you doing anything to get yourself climatized?

A. I live in Jamaica – it is hot here too, so I am not concerned.

Q. Does you think you height gives you a natural advantage on the track? Does it make you run differently?

A. It may be a disadvantage at the start but an advantage when I get into my running as I have a long stride that covers the ground well.

Q. What will you miss most when you are in Beijing? (This could be food, a place, certain person etc)

A. I will miss home but my family will be with me in Beijing and it will be good to have their support.

Q. What are the top ten songs that you listen to on your MP3 player at the moment?

A. I like Jamaican Dancehall music – Elephant Man, Serani, Vybz Kartel, Assassin, Black Rhino, Beenie Man.

Q. Are there any songs you listen to pre-race to get you fired up?

A. My coach does not like me listening to music before a competition.

Q. Who are your Jamaican heroes?

A. Herb McKenley, Don Quarrie.

Q. What’s your opinion on the state of UK athletics?

A. The British girls did well in the 400m last year – gold and silver.

Q. You seem like a laid back person, what fires you up? Do you think your laid back approach helps you pre-race?

A. Nothing – I am always cool!

Q. In keeping with Jamaican tradition, would you ever consider joining the bobsleigh team in the winter Olympics?

A. No – it is too cold.


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  1. Excellente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A rare phenomenon. Jamaica, which is my country, the little ‘dot’ in the world produces the best superheroes on the track.

    JAH – MAKE – YAH (God fashion Jamaica for athletes)

    Endorses Bolt. The Jamaica food only, not dope up machines from the US. Dope all you can US, Asafa and Bolt goes natural from good food in Jamaica. Excellente!!!!!!

  3. Bolts Performance in the 100 meters final made me cry, in front of dozens of strangers……..Man youve made all Jamaicans proud,the silver lining behind a dark cloud .WE LOVE AND RESPECT YOU!!!!!!

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    for those who miss it… check-out the video below:

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    man your #1.

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    Not very deep…. but still cool!

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