Stop Thief…!!! Wait He’s all the way in France…Damn There goes my card…!!!

Posted by Dresonic on September 19, 2007

Recently I was checking my email just as I normally would, then the little angel on my shoulder said hey check your “SPAM MAIL”. I then said ok lets see, to my surprise!!! I saw an email from my bank stating that someone was trying to break into my account and they needed verification. They demanded that I click the link below and enter my “Username and My Password”. Now if you have not learnt anything about the web learn this: DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS IN YOUR EMAIL, ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS IN SPAM MAIL. Now I knew that it was spam and I’m used to the funny business so first I right clicked and copy the link and pasted it in my browser. The link took me to an identical site looking like my bank’s site. So I opened another tab and in my browser ( Firefox) and entered my bank’s address and wuallah it was almost like it was the same site the differences only being some wording. Being the slick investigator I am I did some IP tacking and I found out that the guy or organization that was trying to get my credentials was located in France, Oh well I guess they’ve been watching too much pink panther. Now please I’m asking you to be careful of phishing scams they will get your digital money. Well that’s my weekend experience stay tuned for more exciting spam mail stories.    


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