Kartel, Mavado make peace

Posted by Dresonic on June 4, 2007

After weeks of intense lyrical feuding and spurts of physical violence believed to be linked to the lyrical war between Vybz Kartel and Mavado, a press conference was held yesterday at the Jamaica Pegasus, where both artistes under the guidance of DCP Mark Shields and Kimani Robinson called a truce.

According to Vybz Kartel, “this is not a publicity stunt, wi si seh di ting all a reach inna di schools an it a guh too far suh we haffi do sum’n.”

Mavado also agreed that the feud was doing more harm than good for the music.

More harm than good

“Clashing a sumting weh a go always happen but when it reach on a level where it escalate to a more violent ting, den it haffi level. These tings nuh really help we as an artiste, cause it don’t help di music. When it don’t help di music, it don’t help us, it breaks us down and breaks down di whole music,” Mavado said.

Both artistes said that if they led by example and made the first move towards peace then others, including their fans, entourages and other personalities in the music would eventually follow suit.

“Si, Killa gi Mavado him blessing an seh a di right thing fi do. Lyrics a lyrics an Kartel is a gangsta artiste, suh mi lyrics nah guh change. A jus people fi approach di ting different an di media powerful, suh wi using the opportunity to come out and show dat we are artistes an we are friends (Kartel and Mavado),” Kartel said.


According to DCP Mark Shields, “Kimani Robinson and I have been thinking about it since before Christmas. Robinson is in the business and it concerned him, so we came together and decided to do something about the violence that was escalating between the fans of these two entertainers.”

DCP Shields continued, “Things fell into place and both entertainers were completely cooporative. We have seen where young people and fans have not seen that while these artistes sing about gangs and violence, that it is not to be played out in the streets.

Professional rivalries should be just that, but things went too far. Both artistes have acknowledged this and I’m quite pleased about their sincerity. It was no publicity stunt, they don’t need any more publicity than what they get. I am pleased about their sincerity and it was quite meaningful.”

Mavado added, “di whole ting wid me and Vybz Kartel comin to the press is a starting of showin di yutes dem is a unity. We and di artiste nuh waan stay one side and say unity and di yute dem out dere nah really know. We want unity and really mean it, we haffi come and we haffi show fi get the yute dem fi see a unity and whatever we said about each other in di past dat gone cause we can’t turn back di hands of time. It’s not just an example towards music, but towards di whole life.”


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