PIECE OF THE DAY -Inna di bus- Written By Yanique

Posted by Dresonic on May 14, 2007


For all those of you who are not from Jamaica/ the Caribbean, the title simple means ‘In the bus.’ This is a topic that I’ve always stewed in my mind and now I’m just venting.

The public transportation system here in Jamaica is a joke, especially if you live in the Kingston region and you have to take the bus to school in the mornings. Unfortunatley, I was subjected to the horrible experience yesterday AND this morning also.

First of all I must say that the bus system does serve to be of some historical use as now almost more than 80% of Jamaicans have had glimpses of what it was like when the slaves were packed like sardines in ships to cross the Atlantic to the Americas. So we now have one more thing in common with our ancestors. If the bus capacity is 40, I can assure you that here in Ja that bus would fit at least 150. Ok ok, maybe I exaggerated. It might fit 100. You become intimately close to the person next to you, behind you and infront of you. You and your neighbours become one. It seems as though our national motto takes on a literal meaning…”Out of many, one people.”

In the bus one develops certain ‘powers’ similar to the mutants in X-men . Only these powers are more of a hygienic type. And the more you take the bus, the more your powers develop. For example, in the mornings you can tell exactly who had a bath from who didn’t. But, not only that, you can distinguish between the person who just didn’t have a bath from the person who did but just wore the same dirty clothes from days before. Or you can tell who had a bath and wore clean clothes but the effort was pointless as there was only a vague trace of the scent of soap left on them at 8:15 in the morning!

I could discuss so many things about what happens on the bus but for the sake of time and space I’ll leave it there. This will be volume 1. He he.

Written By Yanique


2 Responses to “PIECE OF THE DAY -Inna di bus- Written By Yanique”

  1. Yanique L. said

    Well written and quite funny.

  2. coral said

    Well, Yanique come to London and ride the London Transport Trains. Yes you do become very intimate with all sorts. You have those who just don’t have a bath, some maybe once a week, if your lucky!
    Then garlic breath (The Lord gives me strength to deal with that in the mornings)
    BO!! Britain has the monopoly on that one. Soap and water is very cheap over here, but will they use it? NO, and these are not just the poor people, these are people in suit and tie!!
    Crowded oh yes the announcer has the cheek to say “please use all available space” and trust men they really do!!

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