Take Ubuntu for a non-invasive test drive with Wubi

Posted by Dresonic on May 9, 2007

Windows only: Wubi is a Windows-based Ubuntu Linux installer that lets you run the OS on your Windows XP box–no partitions, bootloaders or Live CDs required.

Wubi appears to be an evolved, community-supported version of the Ubuntu Windows installer prototype we looked at a while back. Just run the executable, reboot, and choose Ubuntu from the boot menu that appears. Like a Live CD, Wubi makes no changes to your system but affords full access to your hardware and comes with a robust suite of Linux apps and utilities (the same stuff that comes with Ubuntu).

Wubi is beta, but it worked fine on my XP system and uninstalled without a hitch. Some users will undoubtedly prefer the Live CD approach to Linux test-driving, but this saves you having to burn a CD and affords a more permanent Linux presence–if that’s what you want. Wubi is free; it requires Windows XP


One Response to “Take Ubuntu for a non-invasive test drive with Wubi”

  1. Hale M. Jones said

    Hi !
    You say it requires XP but I installed it under Win2K. It installed and ran without a hitch. I also installed 7.04 from a ‘live cd’ on a dell machine and it has had a few hiccups, so WUBI actually works better for me than a true install.
    Is there any way to use this method to ‘install’ non-linux OS’s under windows?
    Thanks and have a good day!

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