Tune in, tone up and fire up that grill!

Posted by Dresonic on April 12, 2007

CONSIDERING the calorie count, many consumers are understandably thankful that the Easter season – with its abundance of bun and cheese, fish and Easter eggs – is behind us. So what’s the next retail move?

Hortense James, a PriceSmart customer, said that her hot new trend now that Easter has passed is barbecue – BBQ hot dogs, BBQ burgers, BBQ chicken and BBQ spare ribs – the must-have for the summer, she noted (complete with the bikini)!

“It’s almost summer, so that is what I am concentrating on right now,” she told Thursday Life.
And in agreement, Claudine Coley, membership marketing manager at PriceSmart, Red Hills Road, said that grills are now amongst the store’s hottest sellers, particularly the Nexgrill 30″ grill with its dual-use valves.

PriceSmart shopper Hortense James is all set for the barbecue: hot dogs, burgers, chicken and spare ribs. (Photos: Lionel Rookwood)

But the after-Easter purchase at PriceSmart goes beyond just barbecue grills.

“People are now buying television sets, refrigerators and beers!” Coley said.

“I guess people are buying the television to watch Cricket World Cup while they cool down with a cold beer,” she theorised.

But it was the shoppers’ trolleys here and at MegaMart that gave Thursday Life more insight as to what consumers are into these days: Svelty skim milk, soya milk, oats, wheat products, Kellogg’s corn flakes, and a whole array of fruits and vegetables. A long list that speaks to a healthy lifestyle (this could be a redemption after all the calories consumed from all those buns!).

“Definitely no more bun and cheese! Vegetables and fruits is the thing! That’s what I am buying now, along with the regular healthy stuff,” said Adrienne, a customer at MegaMart. “Bun and cheese was just a treat for me, so now it’s back to the healthy stuff! It’s back to normal meals.”

“I’m back to buying the regular things,” shared Cynthia, another PriceSmart customer. “I don’t eat a lot of processed food. So I will go back to the regular yam, banana and continue with the fish. Just the regular stuff.”

Other hot items at PriceSmart were snacks, alcoholic beverages and energy drinks (Red Bull, Lucozade, Monster Energy and Gatorade).

“It’s carnival season so people are into snacks and energy drinks,” Coley said.

Shoppers at MegaMart shared similar views.
An eye-catching assortment of leftover baskets from the Easter gift-giving collection in a kaleidoscope of colours stood on the shelves, evidence that they would make wonderful personalised gift baskets for birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day which is only weeks away.

However, Rosalyn Holmes, manager at MegaMart pointed out, “Easter is not really over. We have people going back to the US who are still buying bun and cheese to take with them.” She noted that the Easter buns would be on the shelves for another two weeks. But fruits, vegetables and small items for the kitchen far outsell what’s left of the Easter treats.


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