Stitchie to perform for worldwide TV audience

Posted by Dresonic on March 25, 2007

Award-winning gospel deejay, Stitchie, will be making an international television appearance, representing Jamaican and regional gospel music to over 40 million homes across the US. He will be one of the featured gospel acts on the popular programme, The Gospel Of Music With Jeff Majors, season four of which airs on TV One Network and Direct TV, (Channel 241) and on cable.

Stitchie, who recently participated in the UWI Reggae Studies Unit’s lecture series on the Mona Campus, made the announcement about his appearance this past Sunday. “To show you how potent it is when you trust God and God opens up doors…Next Sunday is the 25th of March. And at mid-day on TV One or Direct TV and Channel 241, I’ll be making my debut appearance singing what? – Reggae, gospel reggae as the only Caribbean artiste on a show called The Gospel Of Music With Jeff Majors to over 40 million homes across America, hear mi sey?”

Stitchie, a colourful and energetic performer, whether in the secular or gospel idiom added: “This is a first for Caribbean gospel music and I’m humbled that the Lord choose to use me to expose our rich culture in worship to the King of Kings and to the entire world. God has always used me to be a pacesetter, a trendsetter.”

Continuing, Stitchie declared: “One thing, I never told you is that the first person who originated deejay on calypso is me. Yeah, check that through dancehall’s history. Not bragging, but telling you some of the things that you need to know about me. So mi ah say it, right?”

Also performing on the Jeff Majors show is Charlie Wilson, of the GAP band fame, known for decades as one of soul and funk’s greatest singers, Like Stitchie a born-again Christian, Wilson, widely known as ‘Uncle Charlie,’ will perform his original composition Cry No More. The rest of the cast on Sunday’s show are new artiste Sean Simmonds, Platinum Souls, a dynamic duo promoting the gospel through hip hop and Tony Smith, a gospel saxophonist ministering through instrumental interpretation.

The DJ offered a lengthy explanation of the process through which he arrived at this prestigious point. “In the year 2000, I was fasting for seven days and praying, and at the end, I asked the Lord what is it that he wanted me to do. I wasn’t sure….because this whole application that I’ve made for academic pursuit, mi ah fi defer it and mi keep deferring it…..and mi end up nuh a goh.

“So, it look like a nuh di so di Lord waan mi fi goh, or waan me to be. At the last day of the fasting, the Lord took me to Jeremiah Chapter 1, verses 9 and 10 and 7 and 8. The Lord say do it in that order….it says see at this day I placed my words in your mouth and have set thee over nations and kingdom to root up and pull down and to throw out, to tear down and to build and to plant…..wherever I send you, you shall go and whatsoever I command you to speak, you shall speak. So mi know immediately, that God ah send mi to carry his words out over nations and kingdoms to bring about change….it was my mouth that got me popular, so God is using the same instrument weh get me popular to spread his word. So the revelation was clear to me.”


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