Government of Jamaica promises more school spaces……Right!!!

Posted by Dresonic on February 28, 2007


The Government is proposing to provide 16,990 school spaces by the end of the year with 3,500 of these to be created for Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students in Region Six by September.

Maxine Henry-Wilson, Minister of Education, Youth and Culture made the announcement yesterday while tabling a ministry paper, containing the recommendations of a committee appointed to examine the delay in the publication of last year’s GSAT results, in the House of Representatives.

Problems finding spaces

The ministry had claimed that one of the reasons for the delay in the publication of the GSAT results was because it was having problems in finding spaces for approximately 2,000 students in Region Six, which include the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon.

Mrs. Henry-Wilson yesterday assured Members of the House that there will not be a recurrence of last year’s fiasco.

With respect to the timely publication of GSAT results, she said the ministry has worked on a detailed delivery schedule with all the parties involved, including the persons who are responsible for the processing of the data. She said a team led by the Permanent Secretary has been appointed to monitor the implementation.

“And to date, we are on schedule with all aspects of implementation. The training of school personnel in the computer technology necessary to access the results will be undertaken during the month of March,” she said.

Pressed by Opposition Spokesman on Education, Andrew Holness, Mrs. Henry-Wilson admitted that no one was held accountable for thedelay in the publication of the GSAT results.


3 Responses to “Government of Jamaica promises more school spaces……Right!!!”

  1. Sudan said

    i cant find the results for the current gsat test and i would like to find it then i would be very happy

  2. Jullia said

    It is rumoured that the new spaces to be created particularly in St. Catherine will be targetting high achievers.

    Unconfirmed person have stated that the Bernard Lodge/Dumbeholden high will be for students scoring 90’s and above in this year’s GSAT as no student who attended school in Portmore will be allowed to attend any of the corporate area schools. SO children who worked really hard to get a school of their choice will be very disappointed when the results come about next week (unconfirmed.

    Some parents are adamant that their children will not attend a no-name fictional school. The school has not been constructed as yet and if not completed by September students will have to stay at home until it is completed.

    This sound like madness

  3. Dresonic said

    Thats true I agree, this type of stratifcation is not needed in Jamaica. The governement fails to realise exactly whats going in the education system.

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