Aidonia Officially Out of Appliance–sorry “Alliance”.

Posted by Dresonic on February 8, 2007


Aidonia was recently kicked out of the once king of the hill Alliance formly created by Rodney Price aka Bounty Killa. According to Aidonia his recent dismissal was the result of a song he did lamenting that Adi is his daddy. The lyrical genius takes Vybz Kartel as his idol and dedicated this song to him. The problem is Kartel is cussing out Bounty and Aidonia is parring wid Kartel. So I guess Bounty killa had his Twins of Twins moment- I will not have it- it is quite funny cause now Bounty killa will have to remix his book book book songs; there is no one to write for him now. All dis gyal chat from dem man yah a really spoil up di business. Dem fi stop it dem a move like real appliance.

Video Link to Aidonia’s interview explaining the situation:


2 Responses to “Aidonia Officially Out of Appliance–sorry “Alliance”.”

  1. M0rphinE said

    Bounty Is Finished,Who Will Write his songs now, he is a blatant dick rider, he keeps a bag of man around him to keep him going. have you ever heard of a Bounty Killa Concert? Neva….. suck a dick No Homo.

  2. brian said

    yo dah so fuckin sad yo aidonia,kartel,and killa is mi favorite and how dem pussy guh kick dem out ah di alliance….hm dem ah real batty bwoys !!!!!kartel aidonia and killa deserve more den dah dem betta yuh no!!

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