Ps3 vs 360

Posted by Dresonic on January 21, 2007

It can be disputed and even taken to court that the 360 has and edge over the slick and sexy Ps3 that has been a superstar for the makers and a hater for the consumers. No Really, forking out 20 bucks is hard enough to buy food at walmart much more buying a piece of plastic for $700 bucks. Sony wake up and smell the coffee or tea…what ever it is you guys over at sony are drinking wake up and smell it.

Don’t get me wrong I love the Ps3 and the graphics are really sweet giving that you have an HDTV which adds to the budget. Blue Ray, smoo ray whatever. We all know it is going to get hacked and blaah blaah blaah.

Now the 360 has been out for a year before the launch of the Ps3 so it has the market share. But honestly I think if the Ps3 wasn’t so expensive and the dummies got some more units on time they would have given Microsoft a run for there money. Sony vs Microsoft, Apple vs Microsoft, Europe vs Microsoft, the world vs Microsoft. When will it stop, next we’er going to here Bill Gates vs Microsoft. Now that would be funny.

3 Responses to “Ps3 vs 360”

  1. Grease Monkey said

    I love the iPod and right now I think it is the best thing to happen to the world of electronics. So everyone who loves the zune can piss off.

  2. james said

    ihavent played on any of them bt i recks xbox 360 edgesit

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