Apple’s New iphone…..i what?!

Posted by Dresonic on January 19, 2007

Apple recently unveiled it’s iphone at one of the wolrd’s most outstanding tech shows : macwolrd. The rumor has been flying around for about 6 years if my memory stands correct, and now the myth is a reality. The hyped tech gadget boast and slick interface with customizable features, apple is really walking the line for their new flagship gadget. If you want one you will have to wait until summer but be warned, it will set you back a mere $500 and that’s in US terms. There are suspicions rising from the shadows about the real cost since it is also rumored that the iphone cost $250 to manufacture a single unit betta dan dat apple.


6 Responses to “Apple’s New iphone…..i what?!”

  1. Yapman said

    Heh well we can’t have everyone holding one in their hands. Besides, with such a large void left open (major clutz on the part of Apple), other manufacturers can come in to fill that void. Customers ultimately wins.

  2. skeeter said

    I think that the iPhone will be great cuz has apple ever put out a pice of crap i think that i am going to get 1 4 me

  3. Dresonic said

    I will get one if someone gives it to me.

  4. kevstelo said

    I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on digg.com or slashdot.

  5. king1876 said

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  6. garry-er said

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