The Fastest Man On The Planet

Posted by Dresonic on January 17, 2007

Asafa Asafa is the fastest man on the planet…regardless of all the hype over this and that guy coming up he remains a true champion in all aspects. Now lets not talk about the once shooting Gatlin who is a disgrace to the sport…….Fastest man on the planet I do think so, be proud to rep JA.


7 Responses to “The Fastest Man On The Planet”

  1. shandale campbell said

    i am a jamaican and i am an athelete and i know that asafa is the fastest man in the world no mater what people say about him……….big up every jamdun people

  2. Dresonic said

    Thats the truth still no matta weh people a seh Asafa Fasta dan di rest….

  3. lachlan maxwell said

    i know your the greatest asafa, il have 2 race u wen i make it ther.. im not gona let u beat me

  4. nana said

    No he’s not

  5. sasha said

    asafa is indeed the fastest man pan d earth. pple a seh a justin but hell no its asafa the fastest man ‘naturally’

  6. Brady said

    Michael Johnson is still the fastest man to grace this planet. FACT

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